Choose Love


If today were your last in this earthly body…How would you spend it? At the end of the day would it matter? Ask your self this. Does it matter if you drive faster and or worry? If the house is spotless for visitors? Choose love! If this were my last day is how I am going to be looking at things from now on. Choose love not fear or hate. Spend your day in love. Moving through your day in love. Whatever you do do it in the Lords name and do as Jesus commanded LOVE! Today I am meditating on Luke 12:6-28


3 thoughts on “Choose Love”

  1. Yes, we are happiest when it is a choice TO love and be IN (present) love with those that need our love, the most! While I read this I thought how awesome, I am going to put that on my journal…Choose love and Be love! I can remember that!! 😉

  2. Am I choosing love? Does this sound loving? Does my face look loving? Am I thinking loving thoughts? As I read your devotion I asked myself these questions. I must purpose my love. I set my heart to love by meditating on His love. Loving thoughts produce loving actions. Even if those action are hard and conflicting. For instance, I choose to love my children enough to lovingly say no. And to say it over and over again. I choose to love myself enough to say no and to say yes. Yes, my friend, a very good reminder for me. Just what I needed. ❤

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