There’s Still Power in the Name of Jesus!

Friday evening after a four mile hike (yay for fitness!), Mark and I got a disturbing phone call….his mom had just been kicked in the head by a horse. Naturally, we were concerned…but even more so because she suffers with advanced osteoporosis. Her doctor has told her that a fall could be fatal at this point.

I immediately sent out a text to our prayer warrior family/friends. Mark and I rode in near silence for the 45 minute drive to meet them at the ER….praying all the way….”Lord Jesus, please don’t take her this way.” Was nearly all I could manage to get out.

We began to receive texts back from others, “In Jesus name!” and “We’ve agreed for healing in Jesus name…she will be fine.”

Mark called to check in. They were still en route and she wasn’t able to stay awake. Her forehead and left eye were severely swollen (protruding out) and had already turned purple. Our throats tightened and so did our prayers…..”Lord Jesus, I know you are in control. I trust you to do what’s best for her and for us.”

More text messages from our pastor, “The Lord has told me that she is going to be ok. We have peace now.”

I was glad they did, but I knew that one look at her purple, frail, swollen face would make me cry like a baby…..

We finally arrived at the hospital entrance…just to see Mark’s step dad driving by. We turned to follow the truck and when they stopped we walked over to see if Ms Judy was in it.

There she sat….with a mildly purple horse shoe shaped bruise on her forehead.

What happened!?

“Well,” she said, “The mare had a pony this morning and I’d gone back out this evening to bond with it. I’d made the mistake of bringing a bucket of feed with me thinking that would keep mama occupied while I get acquainted with the baby. Unfortunately, the other horses came around and began to fight for the food. One of them wound up kicking me. I stumbled out of the fence and passed out in the field. As we drove to the Er, I kept passing out and I knew it wasn’t good at all. I felt my face swelling and I couldn’t keep myself awake. All I could say was the name of Jesus….The last time I went out I saw nothing but white…then I felt a calm peace and I knew I would be ok. I immediately woke up and by the time we got into the ER, the swelling had gone away. They did CT scans, x-rays and all that and didn’t find anything wrong with me except this horseshoe shaped bruise. Not a fracture, not even a blood clot. God is good, isn’t he?!”

Yes He surely is! We had many people calling on the name of Jesus that evening. We witnessed a miracle. She could have been dead. But our God is merciful….He is powerful…He is the great physician….

I’ve been wondering how I’d begin contributing to this blog…I can’t think of any better way than to proclaim  that there is still power in the name of Jesus!


2 thoughts on “There’s Still Power in the Name of Jesus!”

  1. Percy,
    ….He always comes through! He is near and hears the prayers lifted up on behalf of our loved ones. It is such a wonderful testimony of His grace, when the unexpected happens and takes us by surprise. I do believe modern day miracles happen all the time…we have just heard of one here! There is power in the name of Jesus…speak it, sing it, shout it…His name is Wonderful…our Savior and Lord! Bless you for sharing this…sending love and prayers your way.

  2. How precious is His name! I so needed to hear this in this moment. My heart is greatly encouraged to call upon the Name of Jesus, in all my situations. Today, I am really mad…..plain and simple. I was getting madder by the second at feeling so mad. Then I read your post and I realized that today, I felt kicked in the head by circumstances. I kept passing out (feeling fits of complaining and negativity). I couldn’t shake them off. But in the Name of Jesus, I choose Him. I choose His attitude and His love. I choose His perception of what is making me mad. Truly, just as God touched your mama in law, He has touched my heart. The swelling of my prideful, justification is leaving me, even as I type this. The ugliness is leaving my countenance. I am rejoicing in God’s goodness for your mama in law and also for helping me to receive His help just when I need it. I allow Him to reign in this moment, in my thoughts, in my emotions and in my life. Thank you Percy! Your words have ministered to my heart.

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