Learning that SILENCE is as powerful as words..

Oh.. the lessons learned through living in this world! I must admit, I am feeling especially BLESSED today! I have started applying some of the scripture I am reading. Specifically Psalm 19v14.

Just thinking that every word I say, every “eye-roll,” every sigh, is not only HEARD by my Father, the LORD, but is a representation of HIM through ME, has given me pause this week.

My friends know that I “SAY” I am a Christian, but am I really representing the gentle, loving, kind,  nurturing heart of Jesus? I realized that in thought, word, and deed, I was not.

Whoa Nelly!

So, what is that saying about me, and more importantly about the LORD?

So, I ask myself..I drink in His loving words..the bread of life..but how am I USING this?

I am being fed, but I am not GROWING.


I am being greedy with the blessings of the LORD.

So, first I have to ask for FORGIVENESS:

Holy Father, I see now my greediness, my mistake of taking in your words and not spreading the seed of your fruits. Father, I ask for your forgiveness, and your GRACE in this matter. I ask that as you expand my knowledge of you, a LIVING GOD, I do not miss the opportunities you present to me to spread your word. In your Holy name JESUS. Amen

I am going to be working on a Bible Study: 30 Days to Taming  your Tongue, What you SAY (and DON’T say) will improve your relationships, by Deborah Smith Pegues.

I want to invite all of you to join me..Check Amazon for the book, it is a small paperback.

I hope to hear from all of you soon!

By His Grace:





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