Vital Neccessity

I would like to focus on what is the mind of God. Last week, I focused on strongholds. Allow no room for the Devil to place a stronghold on your mind, thoughts, so on. Ask yourself the questions…”is this a weight or a wing?” Free yourself from unnecessary burdens…run the race with the confidence of a WINNER!

In referencing the Mind of God, I would like to focus on three words: omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. ( I can barely contain myself as I am typing). What I would like you to do is a small practice with me, if you could. First, find a comfortable quiet place. Sit. Look out and put your focus on something in the area but just one thing. Now, close your eyes and try to remember the details of what you just looked at in the room. Can you see this in your minds’ eye? Can you change the appearance of this by changing the color, size, age, adding to it or taking from it? What happens? Is it still recognizable or completely different after the changes? Is it notably changed or is the change subtle?? Finally, look at it again and ask yourself…do you like the change? How many times did you change it before you were satisfied? Or not? What we just did was create from something of tangible existence to something that is intangible existence.

This single act is what separates us from the animal kingdom and unites us with the heavenly kingdom of God. The ability to visualize in our minds, as God does when He applies His knowledge to the fulfillment of His purpose. Wisdom. God’s Wisdom and Knowledge. A vital necessity. His touch to create from clay mankind and His breath of life…to bring His message.

He is omnipresent : “God, in the totality of His essence, without diffusion or expansion, multiplication or division, penetrates and fills the universe in all it parts’ (Theology). It speaks of God being in the world, acting within and through his creation. He is omnipotent: Is there anything to difficult for God? (All-powerful) This means God can do anything if it can be done and if it does not contradict His nature. He reigns over nature, men, angels, Satan and death. He is omniscient: God possesses complete and universal knowledge of all things past, present and future. This includes not only the actual, the possible. He has always and will always exist. God is immutable. God never differs from himself, his divine character remains constant. This is a vital attribute of God.

My prayer is 2Chronicles 16:9
“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” Father may we see that it is the condition of our hearts towards you that you seek to make perfect…in your Love, Wisdom and Knowledge. Amen.

(I shared this with our bible study group: Battlefield of the Mind Oct.21,2013)

3 thoughts on “Vital Neccessity”

  1. I loved it before and I love it now! “God never differs from Himself, His divine character remains constant.” God’s constant is His love for us. I feel so grateful to be reminded of that.

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