“Go and sin no more.”

These are the words of Jesus, found in John 8:11 to the woman caught in the act of adultery.  These are the words God is speaking to my heart today.

The longer I serve the Lord, the more I desire to “sin no more.”   Logically, to my mind this is impossible, because I am just a ‘”sinner saved by Grace.”  However, the Holy Spirit is radically tweaking my beliefs and changing my focus. For so many years of my saved life, I have been sin conscious.  Always aware of how I missed it, or how I failed God, yet again.  I would fall and get up and promise myself I would try harder, be better, do more, and really serve God. Then I would fail yet again. My thoughts were filled with how awful I was and my guilt and shame kept growing and growing. Then the Lord began to give me revelation of His grace and who I am in Him.

He has grown me to place of rest in His grace. Where I walk in forgiveness as realty of who I am Christ on an everyday basis. Guilt and shame have been replaced with His mercy, which I practice receiving every day.  However, as I read this scripture I saw myself, in the dirt before the Lord. My accusers, the circumstances of my life, having dragged me there. I have not committed physical adultery but every time, I choose to serve my own purposes and follow my own opinions without seeking first His kingdom, I find myself in the same place as this woman: accused and guilty of being committed to Christ but loving myself more.

Normally, that would devastate me. I would be flooded with guilt and shame.  But as I mentioned He is growing me. I know Romans 12 :1.  There is NOW no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. I am in Christ Jesus. Everyday He is faithfully growing me more and more up in Him. So, today I feel convicted not condemned. Condemnation is pointing out what I  have done wrong and offering me no hope of change or future. Conviction is the Holy Spirit, lovingly pointing out a place I need to change and giving me all that I need to change and encouraging me to do so.

I am learning that the covenant God has with me, is not based on me. It is based on Jesus. Jesus never fails! He obeyed unto death. He did His father’s will completely. Jesus represents me before God. When God looks at me, He sees that blood of His Son. He sees all that Jesus give up for me.

So, if your today was hard and you feel accused by life…………look up and see Jesus and listen. “GO AND SIN NO MORE!”


3 thoughts on “GO AND SIN NO MORE!”

  1. “Jesus came to redeem our life.” Yes! Yes! Yes! My life needs so much redeeming. Thank you for reminding me that is His purpose. His word says, “Let the redeem of the Lord say so!” Ps 107:2 Our God redeems us! Those are hallelujah shouting words!

  2. Bless more and sin less…let God’s grace abound in your life! What a good word, Jenni. Go and sin no more…that is sound advise from our savior. Don’t borrow trouble. Goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives. I like to think of this as two friends that walk along side and help to keep my focus on Jesus and all His promises.

    If we hold the hope of these promises and trust in His unfailing love…we will find it hard to sin and easier to believe – even when we can not see immediate results. Hold fast to Jesus. Forgive yourself and go on. Don’t stay in guilt and condemnation longer than God intended, right. The devil will keep you held down, so it is up to you to say…Enough!!

    Jesus came to redeem our life, He is waiting for us to reach out and pray for His forgiveness and salvation. He is longing to have fellowship with those that call on His name.

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