Rise above your circumstances

Today meeting with my Nana I was reminded that God is good. He does good works. She has seen tough times but still will say with a smile God is good! She said something that hit me hard. “RISE ABOVE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES!” You are meant for more and when you figure out you have to go with Gods plan and then look at the circumstance or situation you have to chose to rise above then you got it. So it made me think all to often we worry or think poor me and my situation but really you are there because God wants you to grow! So grow sisters.


1 thought on “Rise above your circumstances”

  1. Your Nana is spot on! Life is funny like that, sometimes you find yourself in a hard spot and it causes you to pause but the key is to push through the the difficulty and rise above it. Just like a seed planted in the ground. It must push through the dirt, sometimes it can have a growth spurt between watering…when the ground is hard from heat and drought. But by some miracle you will see it pop up and take it’s place in God’s green earth. Perseverance. Your Nana’s generation knows first hand, the wisdom in perseverance and faith in God to bring you through. God bless her and you! Thank you for sharing your very special visit with your Nana, Tamara!
    Love you,

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