Overcoming Shame (study) pt 5

God does not love me more than he loves anybody else.  

(let that sink in)

God does not love me more than he loves a drug addict, a prostitute, a murderer, etc.

We tend to have a hard time with that concept.

Isn’t it a little self righteous to think that God loves me more than he loves someone else just because I don’t sin the way that person does?

God loves us all the same and died for us all equally.  The difference between a born again, Jesus name believer and the prostitute is not how much God loves one or the other. The difference is how much a born again Jesus name believer lets God love them.

God loves us all equally. A lost person just isn’t accepting that love. We aren’t better people than they are. God doesn’t favor us over them. The difference is that He has given me grace to believe that He loves me…..and they don’t believe that they’re loved.

We act out the amount of love we believe we have.

If I believe I’m loved, I will act like it.
If I believe I’m rejected, I will act like one who is rejected.

Mark 12:31 “And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

*You aren’t going to let God use you unless you love this world.
*You cannot love this world until you believe that God loves you

A person that goes to church, sits on the pew, doesn’t get involved with reaching the lost, doesn’t care for the lost….just attends service…..that person isn’t telling you that they don’t care & are selfish…they are telling you that they don’t believe God loves them.

Because if they truly believe God loves them & they know how they got that love (freely, unconditionally w/out merit on their part), they can’t help but want to give it away.

If a person isn’t interested in giving love away, they don’t have it to give.

It is absolutely impossible to have been in the presence of God (who IS love) without experiencing His love. It is absolutely impossible to have experienced His love and not be convinced that He loves you. You can’t keep that locked up!

Until the church lets the Lord deliver them from shame & heal wounds that cause the shame so they can believe they are loved, they will not have love to give back to God or others.

Revival won’t come as long as we are wrapped up in our own lives (hurts, resentments, sin).

When I don’t let God love me, then the only one who I can let try to love me is myself. I will fail….Self centered love, self worth doesn’t fulfill….it empties. The only way to real fullness is NOT putting myself first, but to realize that God has already put me first (in His death, burial, resurrection)…..I don’t have to put myself first…because I’m satisfied in Him.

We received love from Him first. (1 John 4:19)

Shame doesn’t want you to receive His love. But when we truly receive it, we let it flow THROUGH us to others….& we will be full in the GIVING, not in the taking.

(credit to Charles Wright & Tabernacle of Joy..you can look this study up on YouTube if you’d like to jump ahead.)

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