Day 5: Taming the Tongue

Well folks, it looks like I am on a roll..posting two (2), dos, study days in less than 6 hours. Better get right to it, before I get sidetracked!

The Divisive Tongue. A tongue that divides people. A trouble-maker. If you are not one yourself, surely you know one of these people. They are the type that enters into a group setting and instead of uplifting and and being a “team player,” they try their best to break up the harmony that was there before they entered.

Sometimes what they are doing is from childhood problems in relations, instability in their home, and sometimes it is just Satan working to divide and conquer. You see, Satan knows that groups of people with a common cause are hard to control, so he is like a lioness on a hunting spree. She will run around the herd of animals until she isolates one, and then pounces..killing and carrying of her catch. 

Satan does the same thing to people. He knows that with unity comes power, strength, and blessings. Satan doesn’t like blessings. He is most likely mad because He used to be God’s favorite Angel, but now he is banished to the underworld. No blessings for him. So, when he encounters two or more people working in harmony, he works to bring dissension and division so the blessings are blocked, and we cannot perform God’s will.

Still don’t know any one that sounds like this? Have you ever been in the restroom at church and overheard a conversion between two people who were tearing down another person? Gossiping. These people go sit in the pews and “act” like Christians, but they are back-stabbing, and have impure motives to tear down a inncocent persons reputation, rather than giving that person the benefit of the doubt. Proverbs 6v19 tells us one of the  seven things the Lord detests is a person who stirs up dissension among brothers (sisters).

Keeping peace and walking the Christian walk to righteousness is no easy thing. Paul must have known it, in Ephesians 4v3, he urges us to (paraphrased) “Endeavor to keep unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” The Bible mentions us as “One Body” many times. We cannot be “one ” if we have divided because of Satan’s work. 

We must be discerning, so that we do not become overly sensitive and take comment’s and remarks out of context. Satan works on our insecurities, as he knows there is a huge weakness there. Have you ever been standing alone, and you are SURE that the 2 people standing and laughing a few feet away are laughing at YOU? Satan wants us to be self-conscious to the point of being paranoid. If we trust in the Lord for discernment, and practice it, the Holy Spirit will bring the truth to light. He is the light we should be following, not falling into the darkness of self doubt and insecurities.

Remember, when you tell *Fred that *Mike said he was a lousy driver, you are causing division. You are sowing discord, and what you sow, you shall also reap. You must first examine your motives for telling the information. Was it just gossip? Shame on you! Was it because YOU have something to gain from them not being friends anymore? Self-serving manipulation and shameful sinning. A potentially broken relationship, no matter what your rationale is. God will not be happy with you-in fact, He will be displeased. I do  not want to be in that position.

I would rather be a “Peace maker” than a “Peace breaker.”  While we actively try to reconcile people in disagreements, we should pray, use the direction the Holy Spirit provides us, and remain uplifting and positive in our comments so we do not cause any further dissension.

Remember, a cord of three strands is harder to break than a stand alone.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will make every effort to speak words that engender peace and refrain from any communication that creates disunity.”


Have a wonderful day..and if you are following along-I would enjoy reading your comments!

God Bless,



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