Doubt and Unbelief

Doubt and Unbelief. (written for my personal study in Battlefield of the mind)

How exciting is this chapter on Doubt and Unbelief! True, it is a very difficult and challenging aspect of our religious practices, doubting what validates our belief in God. I say it that way, because it is an “action”, a “practice”. Most all foundations, denominations, cults, secular and non-sec, governing-body of thoughts (think tanks) will require an “unwavering choice”. But the Living God is none of these. Why do we confine Jesus in our thoughts? Why do we restrict a Living God to time…when He created time? Why do make allowances for other influences?

If you can look long enough at Nature…the simple beauty of a leaf to the majestic grandeur of the Grand Canyon or peer up to view the night sky filled with stars…Nature…holds no stress. It transcends and holds a special purpose…God’s. Abraham was able to rest assured in the promise that he would be the “father of many nations”. How could Abraham believe this at such an old age? Again, we can not restrict a Living God to time. Abraham understood. But Sarah laughed when she overheard the messenger…because she only looked at the natural aspect…God brought them both into the supernatural – where He operates.

In this lesson we see a very important KEY to how we as believers, as women and men can step forward to the supernatural walk with God. It is found in the character of Abraham during the time that he waited for God to fulfill the promise. Let’s step through Romans 4:18-21.

Hope in faith, when faith is gone.
Do not weaken in faith at the obvious (natural reasoning).
Grow strong and empowered by faith as you give praise and glory to God.
Do not distrust God.
Be fully satisfied in God.
Be assured that God is able and mighty to keep His word.
God will fulfill His promise. It will happen in His time, His way and His truth.

Hope is the conqueror of Doubt. Faith will vanquish Unbelief. Abraham HOPED IN FAITH. Hope in faith…it is the single most important key to walk in the promises of our Heavenly Father, the Living God and our Savior Jesus by the power of the Comforter, Holy Spirit who teaches and guides us with the Word of God.


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