The Master Artist


Summer where I live is short, so we have learned to optimize the warm sunny days.  While on a drive to have a picnic dinner, my husband and I found the most awesome creek that was a small gorge by just taking a random side road.   Beautiful deep pools had formed where the huge boulders walled up on both sides of the stream.  My dog was first to shoot out the back of the car to the creek.  No mistaking our mutts thinking for a cool dip.  We had picnic and then explored the beauty of this amazing treasure we happened on.  In my heart, I knew it was the guiding of the Holy Spirit…what Lord are you showing me here, I whispered back in prayer.  As I started to take pictures, I was amazed by what I saw.   A place where little steps seem carved in stone, possibly made by Indians who had used this area for bathing and recreation?  Though the water was pristine…it was very cold.  But my two legged and four legged guys did not seem discourage by the water temp…they were focused on the fun & play only!  God not only met my need but that of our little family on this back country road.  He meets us where we are at.  Sometimes he needs to take us out of the mire that surrounds our daily life, to wash us clean when we stand in His presence.  He did that on this beautiful afternoon.  Showing once again, He is our redeemer of time, lifter of our soul and strength.  A merciful God of the second chance, meaning He is the finisher of our faith and belief in Him.

My devotion brought me to read about King Hezekiah of Judah. [2Chron.29-31].  Instead of expounding on this passage, I would like to share how God intertwines His purpose in our daily walk.  Each of us seeks Him on different levels depending on where we are at in our life.  Our blog is all about how we are used, woven into someone’s path or vice- verse.  Most of us would like to think we are bright vibrant colors that complement God’s Tapestry.  No one really wants to be the brown, black or grey threads.  If asked, we would secretly like to be the gold and all the pretty ones in God’s color palate.  Needlework uses darker colors to define the picture, it anchor the focal points of what the artist is expressing to those who will view his master piece.  It is the same when God begins to take the trials, hardships, unbelief [dark colors] in our life.  He is using it to redefine our focal point.  He begins to weave His good word & work into the tapestry of our life through his people.  He reaches out and pulls the thread through the canvas of my life to your life and your life to another until He has accomplished His good pleasure.  For He sends out his word and it does not return void but does his good pleasure.  The Artist works His perspective to create, restore the tattered threads, redefine the purpose of the artwork…God is the Master Artist and it is only His perspective that should show on our canvas of life.

My prayer is that I will remain accessible, flexible, and open to new colors and experience the wonder of His artistry in my daily walk.  Use me Lord.  I thank you for the privilege of those you bring into my path.  Keep my colors in line with your desires and purpose.  Amen.


5 thoughts on “The Master Artist”

  1. Very well said. Would we all be willing to have the Lord use us just as you say… “Use me Lord. I thank you for the privilege of those you bring into my path. Keep my colors in line with your desires and purpose. Amen.”

  2. Many people think that God does not “speak” to His people anymore as He did in the Bible. Your picnic encounter reminds me that if we look for Him, we will be given eyes to see Him, ears to Hear Him and a heart to respond to Him. Thank you for sharing this picture of Him with others. Blessings on your efforts.

    1. Bless you! There is a great old hymn called In the Garden…one verse in particular always stayed close to my heart…”And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
      And He tells me I am His own;
      And the joy we share as we tarry there,
      None other has ever known.

      I think of this often…if He lives within in our heart…He is walking with us, each step of the way!

  3. What a beautiful place! You have to take me there when next I come. I love this piece. I love the Master Artistry I see in you. You are God’s purpose, Zoey expressed! I love being woven with you, in His Master piece! ❤

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