You cannot Hide from God

Walking through the street with a flip flop beat.Car broke down; can’t hide

Can’t hide me, cause I don’t have a ride

Car broke down; can’t’ hide,

Can’t hide you, cause I don’t have a ride.


Got my five senses reaching out

and making me want to shout.

They are reaching out in front of me,

feel, taste, touch, smell and see.


There she was again.

All alone without a friend.

A grey wooly blanket covering her body so nothing was bare.

With the sun beaming hot on her matching wooly hair.


I heard a voice telling me to say hello.

So I traveled to her and said very low,

“this is for you,” and I handed her a bill.

She looked up at me and time stood still.


I heard a thank you with a harsh gloomy voice.

My heart trembled that she was there without a choice.

I looked right at her sad eyes,

and her sclera and teeth yellow while her soul dies.


I asked  “you come from where?”

She answered “I come from nowhere”

I asked, “you are going where?”

And she answered, “I am going nowhere.


With tears in my eyes

to her I surmise,

“God loves you,

and He is true blue.”


She looked at me and nodded her head,

and then turned away without anything else said.

I stood up and walked away

knowing that I completed my day.


I walked away hitting that street with my flip flop beat.

Car broke down; can’t hide

Can’t hide me, cause I don’t have a ride

Car broke down; can’t’ hide,

Can’t hide you, cause I don’t have a ride.

3 thoughts on “You cannot Hide from God”

  1. I love how you allow the Lord to lead, even when that leading may mean an inconvenience for you. You allowed that inconvenience to become a divine appointment. Well Done! God prepared you heart for that very moment!

  2. Amazing, God mysteries are full of GRACE both for the giver and the receiver. We never know when we might entertain an angel unaware and I know that this sweet lady who God had placed in your path was a genuine divine appointment. She has seen the love of God reach out through you to her. Perhaps, that is why God had your car break down. He Knew he could TRUST you to go and feed the heart of this lost sheep with a good word of encouragement. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome poem and the story behind it.

  3. I wrote this after I saw a lady sitting on a bench at a bus stop. I saw this lady every day for weeks but I was driving. Well my car broke down and I was walking and now on foot I saw her with no barrier between us.. I heard a whisper to go to her and I obeyed. Didn’t know what to say or do so I let the Holy Spirit guide me. Walking away this jingle came into my head and I proceeded to text it to my email. The lady isn’t at the bus stop anymore, I am so glad I was able to tell her that God loves her.

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