Readers: I need your opinion!

As you may have noticed, this “30” day study has dragged on for months. I am struggling with it.  I was wondering if any of the readers could help me decide if I should continue on like I have been, making the commitment to post once a week, OR, would you rather I type up an outline/overview of the rest of the study and just post that all in one post?

My objective is to complete this study ASAP, but I do not want to lose any readers who are benefiting from the lengthy way I am doing it now. I do, honestly, intend to make this a priority in my walk, as I do see it changing ME, and I like that. But, I do not want to lose any readers.


I have been truly blessed to be chosen to write in this blog, I am honored to be included in this group of faithful Godly women.

For HIS glory,



3 thoughts on “Readers: I need your opinion!”

  1. Speaking for myself, I have found the length of time needed to cover a subject is of no consequence as long as there is substance in each posting…. which you have. Sometimes, it takes awhile to throughly cover a subject. If you notice on my blog I have been going through Proverbs on a daily basis, so far it has been going for 8 months and will take another 4 months to complete. So you are not the only one who has long series going! You are doing a great job, no matter what decision you may make. Seek the Lord’s face and make the best informed decision you can. May the Lord bless you.

    1. Pastor Rob: I am truly blessed that you replied to my question. Moreover, I am graciously accepting of the advice given, to “..seek the Lord’s face and make the best informed decision I can.” Wonderfully sage advice. I am quite the novice at writing, having only written term papers for nursing school prior to taking on this blog. Sometimes I wonder if others agonize over what they have written, and go back and edit, re-edit, and sometimes, just start over. I have decided to write when I have made sure I truly can respond to the study in MY voice, after seeking approval from the Lord. Again, thank you for your kind words and advice. Please free to stop by anytime. Nicolette

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