Authentically yours

I am an encourager. That’s the job The Lord has placed on me. Let me start by saying I have said no to Him over and over on this one. I counsel women struggling to see they are not alone. Gods grace is enough and you will get through any challenges or struggles you may have because The Lord is faithful.  I struggle some days more then others. I have learnt that God can make your mess a message. I know grace and no I do not deserve it but still it is given. I have used each stone of hurt to put a wall of protection around myself . But God came with love and took every stone away. He showed me I am not alone. He walks before me, with me and will get me through even the toughest times. So I no longer fear because of Romans 8:31


2 thoughts on “Authentically yours”

  1. My dear friend,

    Mighty woman of courage,

    Encouragement is your God designed purpose.It flows through all the roles your fulfill in your life. Your are His vessel, specifically designed to give courage to others. You are His courage giver. You give courage to your husband, to your children, to your friends, to those you care for. Your life is a broadcast of His strength, His hope, His power, His faith. Your life is all about Him and He naturally encourages, so that comes through you. You are His vessel that magnifies His courage so others may partake of it.

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