Love grows best in soft soil.

Ezekiel 36:26

Be encouraged! It is so easy to hold a grudge. To stay angry and not put the effort in. I love my house plants and let me tell you they grow! There is effort in their care. My kids call them my babies. I can take a seed and bam 6 months later it is a small tree. I hope my children see this time and effort and apply it in other areas of their lives ( A Momma needs to get creative when ministering to her young)  I relearn daily to have soft soil.  How can we grow anything worth while in hard stubborn ground. I take the time and effort in many areas of my life sometimes I am spread thin. But I want my family to know Jesus. I am saved and I am grateful. I will spend my days spreading the good word of His love and what The Lord has done in my life.  At the end of my time in this earthly body that people say she emanated grace. 


A  note: I have a sister Susan whom I love with all my heart and I have softened my soil to her. I pray daily that She will know the Lord and that he would work a miracle in her life and her soils will soften. There has not been one word spoken to me in 4 years.  Love out loud and pray hard!


1 thought on “Love grows best in soft soil.”

  1. Cultivating the soil is key to growth. One of the most amazing things to see is something that has grown against the odds…desert plants amaze me so much. The ground is hard from the sun, but a tender seed will find its way through the rocks and cracks of the desert floor to bloom into a beautiful flower or palm – each will care for nature in its delicate cycle of life. Much like our faith does…it can cultivate in many different environments…but it can thrive best in an environment closest to it natural origin when groomed by the Creator. Our true self is spirit…we must cultivate it with the things of God so to insure we continue to grow. Faith, Hope and Love…continue to turn (cultivate) it in the good soil- areas built on the foundation of God’s word and watch his blessings abound! Thank you for bring this good word to us, Tammy! Blessings! Zoey

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