Beat Down…


Today, we see different kinds of bullying happening all around us.  We must not bully.  We must not stand by bullies.  We must not allow bullying.  We must not teach bullying to our children by our actions.  We must not bully at school.  We must not practice bullying at our place of work.  We must not bully our neighbors.  The article below is a resource if you are experiencing bullying in any one of these scenarios.  Tell someone.  Tell on bullies.  Tell the bully to STOP.  Scream at the top of your lungs…STOP BULLYING ME!  Bring attention to the situation and the bullying will stop.  The only way bully’s get away with harming you…is by believing their LIES.  Don’t believe a bully.  They lie to control you so they can continue to hurt you.  Seek someone in authority who can help.  God is opposed to those who hurt his own intentionally.  God is not on the side of a bully.  God is your fortress.  He loves you.  Respect yourself because you are important, valuable and loved by God.  So, shout it out…STOP BULLYING ME!  IN JESUS NAME…STOP, YOU BULLY!   (Please read Psalm 142:2-7)


Article found on the web:

If you think bullying is something that only happens on a playground and among kids, think again. From bosses who bully, to neighbors who bully, bullying can continue way beyond the playground years, and sadly, experts say adult bullying is on the rise. Recently, a popular television news anchor made national headlines after a viewer bullied her over her weight! And singer Adele was reportedly cyber bullied after the birth of her son. While adults are more likely to engage in verbal bullying over physical bullying, the fact of the matter is, adult bullying exists, big time.

To talk about adult bullying, how to identify it, handle it, and stop it, national anti-bullying speaker and psychologist, Dr. Joel Haber stopped by “The Shine”.

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How does one identify a bully? Dr. Haber says “If you find yourself being excluded, marginalized in some way, or made to feel less than a person that you shouldn’t have to feel less than, you wonder what’s going on there.” Statistics reveal that 41% of adult bullying occurs in the workplace, so how do you identify bullying from harassment? Bullying is when one person uses their power to go after another, but harassment, as Dr. Haber points out, is actually a legal term which usually refers to sexual misconduct or a work practice that feels in some way unsafe or is hostile. To that end, we wondered what steps a person can take to stop a bully before taking any legal action or seeking the HR department. Dr. Haber says the first thing is that you have to know yourself. Then, directly confront that bully in a non-threatening way. Ask them “is there something I did? Because maybe I’m misperceiving it.”

When it comes to handling a bully outside the office, say a neighbor or a peer at a sporting event or town activity, first realize it’s not your fault. It’s the bully that has the issue. Use your head to talk to the bully. Let your emotions settle first before you approach them so you can speak with a clear head. If your emotions are really high, walk away and regain your composure before approaching them.

So why do adults bully? Dr. Haber says that bullies are looking for support and also power. They feel as if they connect more with people through their nasty behavior. And if the support system – or bystander as they’re called – would do something about it, the bully might stop, but that hardly ever happens. The bullies are rewarded and there’s this incredible cycle that reinforces the bullying. 

Have you ever been bullied as an adult? How did you handle the situation?

2 thoughts on “Beat Down…”

  1. Adult bullying…..not something I had really thought about till I read this article. However, I see many bullies on the playground and it makes sense that child bullies become adult bullies. Then adult bullies act out on the adult “playgrounds” the corporate offices. Resolving conflict is never easy but surely made much harder when dealing with a bully. Most definitely something that needs to be brought to the light and the Light (Jesus) brought to deal with it.

    1. Since I wrote this article, two incidents (probably more I have not read, too) have been reported recently. One allocation involved a mother who beat up a kindergartner teacher so bad she was hospitalized. The mother was arrested and will be charged. The other allocation involved 3 adult men bullying a 14yr old teen (boy) at a park, when a man noticed and intervened (retired Marine), he was severely beaten and hospitalized but the boy & his father was saved. The three men who fled the scene were later found and arrested. These are adult who were not acting like mature adults but rather like bully’s (child-like). Yes, Jenni you are right when you say…” Most definitely something that needs to be brought to the light and the Light (Jesus) brought to deal with it.” Amen.

      I invite you to read the following articles regarding these two incidents:

      The Daily Caller reported this 9.7.13

      Harry S Truman Elementary School.

      The mother of a kindergarten boy Kansas City received a citation for criminal assault because, police say, she inflicted a vicious beat-down on the boy’s teacher.

      The pummeling occurred on Thursday night at Truman Elementary School. Simone A. Baker, 24, allegedly entered the school and proceeded directly to the unidentified teacher’s classroom at about 6 p.m., reports The Kansas City Star.

      She said, “You better not touch my kid again.” She punched the teacher, 49. upside the head five to 10 times. Next, narrates a police report, Baker jerked the teacher out of her chair by the hair. Then, for good measure, Baker smashed the teacher’s head against a filing cabinet—twice.

      Baker’s next move was to run swiftly out of the classroom and out of the school building

      There were no students in the classroom when the incident occurred.

      On the way to the classroom, Baker ran right by the school principal, whom she had called just moments earlier as she was heading to the school. The principal gathered a posse and headed to the classroom, arriving just after the altercation ended.

      Baker had a motive. Earlier in the day, her six-year-old son had come home with a scratch on his neck. He apparently told his mother that the teacher caused it when she had punished him for something during the school day.

      Hickman Mills School District officials told local NBC affiliate KSHB that something did, in fact, happen between the kindergarten teacher and the student, but they provided no additional details.

      On Friday, notes The Star, the boy told police and school officials that the teacher didn’t hurt him.

      A roving KSHB reporter interviewed a couple of veritable moms on the street to get a bead on neighborhood opinion.

      “If you’re not going to stand up for your child, who is?” asked one mom wearing a skull-design t-shirt.

      Another mom in a Chiefs jersey disagreed.

      “No words. Who does that?” she asked. “I mean, I love my kids to death but you got to take yourself out of the situation and act like an adult.”

      A school district spokeswoman told The Star that the teacher got checked out at a hospital after the attack. She was released with little ado.

      The spokeswoman added that the district intends to prosecute Baker to “the fullest extent of the law.”
      Huffington Post reported this: 9.8.13

      Wen Jones was brutally beaten saving a 14-year-old and his father from three men harassing them

      Arrests have been made months after a brutal beating of a former Marine who stepped in to save a 14-year-old boy and his father being bullied by three men.

      Wen Jones, a 43-year-old father of two, was leaving Juno Beach Park in Florida on May 19 when he noticed a pack of 20-year-old men harassing a boy and his father, the Sun Sentinel reported. Sensing the men were about to attack, Jones got involved.

      “I couldn’t stand there and watch this older guy and kid get beaten up,” Jones said.

      The three men, all athletically built, allegedly turned their attention to Jones, who was urging them to calm down. Jones described being knocked unconscious by one of the men.

      “When I came to, I was being beaten in the face,” he said.

      Jones suffered a concussion that he said still makes him feel foggy months later, along with fractured bones and an eye swollen shut. The former Marine required surgery after the attack.

      Tyler Dylan Carswell, Eric Michael Deiter and Cody Moore Roon are now facing aggravated battery charges, upgraded to felonies because of the severity of Jones’ injuries, according to ABC News.

      suspects in beating of marine
      From left to right: Suspects Tyler Carswell, Cody Roon, Eric Deiter

      The initial victim of the men, police say, was a 14-year-old boy named Zion. The trio allegedly kicked sand in his face and called him names. While Zion waited for his father to pick him up, the men continued their harrassment. That’s when Zion’s father, 55-year-old Leroy Wright, got involved, asking the men to leave the beach.

      “I see that these guys were not backing down, and I literally had to keep them at bay, and I looked up and here was Mr. Jones,” Wright said in an interview with WPBF.

      Roon, Carswell and Deiter ran away after the beating, but thanks to witnesses taking cell phone footage of the incident, along with getting their license plates numbers, police tracked them down.

      On Wednesday, authorities arrested the last suspect in the beating after arresting the other two suspects just last week.

      Wright, who has not had a chance to see Jones since the incident, expressed his appreciation.

      “I feel like this man literally risked his life, because he saw a situation that was bad, that he stepped up for, when you got your average people standing around videotaping and nobody stepped in,” Jones said. “I am so appreciative that out of all the people that was standing around on the beach that day, that he was the only one that stood up against these guys.”

      Jones said despite his injuries, stepping in and helping the boy and his father was worth it.

      “I’m not happy to have been injured pretty severely, but at the same time, I ask myself, would I do it again? You know, it was the right thing to do, so I probably would,” Jones said.

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