Losses and gains

As I am riding my bike in my gym I am thinking about losses and gains. I lead a faith and fitness class at my church. I am on the crunch time. Time to get my ducks in a row for my next group. I am stressing ,mulling numbers, schedules and and every little detail. Yes I have lost 100 lbs but that’s not the loss I am stressing about. I am stressing that these people will lose touch with what is most important their gain which is a much closer walk with God. I don’t believe in will power I believe in God power because with Him all things are possible. I pray my new group will honour their earthly bodies God has given them. That they will walk to Him instead of the easy fix the fridge. That they will take their hurts and hang up to the cross and I am able to lead them to a closet walk with our Father … Now that’s my gain.
Former model note here I was never more beautiful and complete until I stated to follow Jesus.

You may not be able BUT GOD can!

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