A Mama Classic…


How are you?

How is your day going or ending for today?

Did you wake up and see the coffee pot half full or half empty or just enough for a cup?

We have all heard this from time to time…the story of the half full or half empty glass.  But sometimes, I think we all need to see this perspective through out the day…not just when we are thirsty or in leisure.

When I was a girl, my mama showed me the value of this sage advise.  I must have been around 8yrs old.  I had asked the question, what it meant when someone said “it was a matter of half full or half empty”?  She sent me to the kitchen and said to bring 2 glasses for us- one fill with sweet tea and leave one empty.  She hollered to me, as I was closing the fridge to please bring the pitcher on a tray, too.  I was industrious and added a few cookies and slid in a bowl of Jello I spied in the back of the fridge.  Thinking we were having a tea party….I brought our fare in to her with the biggest smile.  “Hmmm, I see were this is going”, she said.  “Now, listen.”  Her face was soft but I could pick up that there was a lesson to be shared here…not the party I had designed.

She took the glass that was full and after thanking me, drank some and then put it next to the empty glass.  “Tell me, is that glass half empty or half full?”  I looked at her [miffed] and said “well, I know MINE is still empty.”  With a raised eyebrow she said, “That was not my question.”  Looking intently at the glasses, back and forth, to hers that was rudely drank without offering to fill mine…to mine that was filled with NOTHING…it was oblivious that since she drank some…it was now half empty.  “Half empty.”  I explained my prior reasoning to her.  “Now, please hand me your glass.”  She filled it but only half way.  “Now, here drink.”  Thinking she is a weirdo by now, I drank it and put it back on the tray.  My curiosity completely peeked; I raised my eyebrows wide eyed with a titled head.  Matching my gaze, she asked, “Okay, tell me was your glass half empty or half full when I gave it to you to drink?”  Thinking I had it figured out, emphasized it was “Half full!”  Again, explaining that she had filled it only half way.

With a soft smile, she glanced at the tray, then at me and said: “This is a question were it is neither right or wrongly answered.  It is the way you see…view the glass.  It is called perspective.  You filled the glass full but I only drank it half empty, I gave you an empty glass that I filled only half full.  Both, if set side by side are the same.  The difference is the events that brought the results.  Meaning it is a matter of perception.”  I sat there quietly, hoping the next thing said was…”cookie?”  No such luck.  “I had you bring it on a tray, so that the load would not overburden you and make it easier to serve.  Just as God tell us to serve others and to be satisfied in all things, we should carry one another burdens in prayer and be thankful – whether the glass is half full or half empty.”

I candidly share this story, not to remind us of common courtesies we should extend.

Nothing between the lines to point us to traditions.

But only to simply share a glimpse with me back to a time, where a young girl was excited to have a tea party with her mama and a parent who listened to the Holy Spirit for an opportunity to teach a valuable life lesson.

Through the years, I teased my mom about the “short glass of tea”…it always made us laugh.  She has gone to be with our Lord but from time to time,

I am so grateful for the “Mama Classics” I can pull from my heart…and give balance to my perspective.

My dedication:  I Corinthians 12:13

“For we are all baptized by one Spirit into one body, whether Jew or Greeks, slave or free – and- we were all given the same Spirit to drink.”

5 thoughts on “A Mama Classic…”

  1. Your mother seemed to be a wonderful woman…. with a very important lesson for all of us. Especially as Christians, the way we view the difficult times in our lives can either make or break us. Thanks for the great reminder.

  2. I am reminded that the glass is completely FULL, 1/2 full of liquid, and 1/2 full of air. Love your sage advice! Happy for your memories of times with your mother.

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