By Shelly

When we’re called out of darkness it becomes a process a learning experience that we go through. We are pulling off the old dying daily in place of the new. Thoughts and preferences change too. Because with each step we make we’re being made new. Each day we weren’t what we were a year ago. For with the experiences in our lives we grow. Our steps are ordered and our shortcomings and steps our Father knows. We are where we’re supposed to be in our walk everyday. Even when we’re in the struggles, He shows us that through signs, He’s making a way. So be of good cheer because each day He is forming more of Himself in you. Soon you will know that all things through Him you can do. Good morning Zion as with each day we are moving away from who we used to be. Coming into the knowledge of what our Father is shaping out of the lump of clay delicately. Shalom Much Love.

2 thoughts on “By Shelly”

  1. Very well said. What a great thought that our Lord leads us through His Word as we live daily on the earth. Thanks for the great reminder. May the Lord bless you through His Word.

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