Oaks of Righteousness

Abraham tree_11.13

My Devotions:    Isaiah 61

9:  “Their descendants will be known among the nations and their offspring among the peoples, all who see them will acknowledge that they are a people the Lord has blessed.”

We as Americans have such a rich inheritance through our history as a nation and individually through our family ancestries.  What I think on is how God has given equal opportunity for the individual to share in His favor.  If our ancestries are not that great, we have the same opportunity to start a new thing…it is never too late to make a new beginning with God.

To understand the favor of God, is to read the story of Ruth.  She sadly was a  widow, losing everything, yet she started out again with her mother ‘n law Naomi.  They were very, very poor.  But God’s favor was upon them. They (Ruth and Naomi) soon were taken under the care of Boaz and the rest became history, so to speak.  A new beginning…God’s favor upon an obedient and faithful heart.  I encourage you to study the story of Ruth.

My prayer:

Father God,  You are like an oak of righteousness.  You are  shade to the traveler.  You are a shelter for the lost to be found.  You are a marker for generations who will know of their heritage.  You are the seeds of life to the barren tree.   You are our God and there is none like you….and I praise your holy name…El’-God…Mighty in Strength!

Here is a little bit of information (National Geographic)

Abraham’s Oak, West Bank

Worshipped for centuries, Abraham’s Oak in the West Bank’s Mamre Valley near Hebron

(pictured above in the 1890s) marks the spot where the founding father of Israel is said to have been visited by angels and promised a son.

This tabor oak may be up to 5,000 years old and the remnant of forests that once spread across the region. The religious story around the tree warns that it will die before the appearance of the antichrist. The main stem of the tree has been dead since 1996, but a sprout a couple of years later offered hope.

In Hebrew the words for oak, allon and elon, are associated with the word for God—el.

Photograph by Michael Maslan Historic Photographs, Corbis                          Graphics by Zoe Notes (me)

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