Joy doesn’t come in a package

Today I open my email and have a email from a box store promoting a stuffed toy that will bring your child joy. Below is says don’t you want to bring them joy. First as a Christ follower my head and heart screams NO! Joy does not come from a toy it’s from within. The joy you know from Christ is amazing and it’s a gift. But ultimately that choice is yours. You can choose to believe and follow. You yourself have many choices to make not all are easy. I lead a few classes on this with food and God. Hence why I created the page called “the healthy homemaker” . Choices are not always easy and choosing to follow Jesus not consumerism in a day where people are afraid to say merry Christmas can be done but you must stand firm in your beliefs. Secondly I don’t want or need the guilt about their happiness cause ultimately that’s their choice. They can choose joy, they can choose to rise above any circumstance and all I can do is be a living role model. Third to the “box store” all those gifts that provide a temporary joy will end up in the recycling bin and knowing Jesus will be eternal. Sorry for my rant. Knowing Jesus is a choice .Loving Jesus another and following another. It’s the season. Do you miss the good old days? I do. Merry CHRISTmas


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