By Shelley

Please make no mistake about it, many of us aren’t down because anything we’ve done on our own. Remember before the foundation of the world your steps were ordered and prepared so your condition to Him was already known. You’re down now to be elevated later and remember this isn’t our world or time anyway. Our reign is just over the horizon as Esau’s end Jacob’s will begin one day. When you know you’re being used by your Father, the Adversary will come at you because he sees the greatness of your Father in you. Just like our Heavenly Brother, we are just as special to Him too. We are in this flesh for a little longer but in spiritual temples we shall be. He recreated Himself in us not the Angels, we are Him in the flesh can’t you see. We have a great calling now as we are being prepared for what’s ahead. Continue to pray and allow Him to direct you and go to His word to be fed. Good morning Zion, You may be down but not out and keep in mind this is Esau’s time to shine with the Adversary too. This is the reign of the wicked but our time is coming, keep the hope of our ancestors in you. Shalom Much Love Zion.


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