Our God is an awesome God!

I don’t believe in coincidence but I do believe in God-incidences. Tonight after a very hard day of hearing my life won’t return as I know it after a work injury over a year ago. I was asked to go to a aquafit class. As you know I am a health champion. The Lord had called me to do this. I didn’t want to be and was a very defiant child and told Him no over and over again. I see our father giggling and saying but yes! I believe our father has not only a loving nature but a great sense of humour. Want to make Him laugh make a plan. So back to tonight. I was asked by a woman I don’t even know and know she needs the support and encouragement. So I went. First I saw someone I didn’t want to see. One of my old supervisors. But then I worked out to the best of my new abilities side by side with this girl. Sharing , talking and working. That was not sweat but my Jesus light shining. She got a glimpse of Jesus. That makes me so happy. I am nothing without Him so if I can share Jesus and health and wellness I am excited. I then saw a friend from church discussed what the therapist and surgeon had said ( he is in the same field ). God placed him in my path. Feeling a little defeated God showed up. We talked and he prayed and I had a calmness about the day. Across the pool I see a girl absolutely beautiful with a younger girl. Have my shower and come out they are on the bench by my locker. God incidence here we come.. She says I am sorry your hair smells beautiful what do you use. I laugh and say something natural coconut. Her daughter starts talking to me and then she mentions church. The Lord says do and in the past I have argued, pouted and ignored Him. But I am no longer a child I obey. I start in with what church. Then we get to talking next thing you know we are pouring out our very similar lives. He says guide and use your mess for a message. I told her of a class I lead and others I counsel on health and wellness. She has struggled a long time with this. I told her it’s simple. 1) crave Jesus 2) believe in God power not will power and you will succeed. I have offered to help her. Was it comfortable ? No. God is awesome when He calls listen. You may think your under qualified but with God the maker of heaven and earth you CAN do anything. Allow yourself to be interrupted for God. He is awesome and His plans are far better then we can comprehend.

3 thoughts on “Our God is an awesome God!”

  1. Before the Lord we give our time and he returns his opportunity to present a blessing to give him honor. You continue to show us the harmony of obeying God and seeing His Glory, not our own…in the moment by moment of our daily routines. We can come back to God’s heart if we obey his voice when he calls to us. Stay strong and be bold for the witness of Jesus Christ. Blessings ~Zoey

  2. How wonderful when God connects! His message comes through very clear and others see it but they also feel it. Well done! You increase others, His presence in you meets their needs and yours at the same time. ❤

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