God Always Makes A Way


Do you ever feel as you are in trial that the way is shut? You are blocked, all options are dead? That there is no hope? I bring you good news…..God always makes a way!.

Trusting in God always opens the way.

 NOTHING shuts out God.


Not Giants:

1 Samuel 17

David faced a nine foot giant named Goliath who was shutting the way for victory for King Saul and the Israelites.  God not only enabled David to kill Goliath but to cut off his head.


Not Pharaohs:

Exodus 14

The Pharaoh of Egypt chased down the Hebrew people, trapping them between a mountain and the sea. Their way was shut and destruction was sure, but God opened the way. God opened the sea and allowed the Hebrews to walk across on dry ground and then God shut the way.


Not even death:

John 11

Jesus knew Lazarus was sick, but he delayed his coming. Lazarus died and the way of life seemed shut forever, but not so! Jesus raised him from the dead.


Take courage today as you are walking through your trial. The way may seem shut, but Your God always makes a way! You will make progress!

Psalm 18:33(AMP)

33 He makes my feet like hinds’ feet [able to stand firmly or make progress on the dangerous heights of testing and trouble]; He sets me securely upon my high places.



4 thoughts on “God Always Makes A Way”

  1. I have noted in my own life that when the door is shut, though I may pound on it for awhile, I am always redirected to the path God wants me on. I have learned that God answers prayers 3 ways; He says SLOW, He says NO or He says GO. It is up to us to use the wisdom and discernment He gives us to hear what He is answering….blessings on your post. It is a keeper!

  2. Amen! So excited to be on the right path with such wonderful, wise and humble, Holy Spirit-filled, beautiful, loving friends. The presence of the Lord is with us and we can hold on to God! ~Zoey

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