Stand up to fear

We don’t know why the Lord puts people into our path during the course of our day.  Today, there was a older man  that was standing in the freezer isle at the grocery, counting his change and talking to himself out loud.  No one passing him even looked at his face as he continued his muttering to himself.  I will say, it was uneasy to hear. ( God seems to draw them to me, from time to time.)  I left the isle praying for safety…lol. 

Then I felt the Lord reminding me of something Crefro Dollar talk about this morning (TBN) about fear.  I realized that I had just done that…allowed fear to cause me to leave an opportunity to serve the Lord.  Tis,tis I scolded myself.  So, I rounded back around the isle looking like I forgot something and walked up to this man, who was still standing in the isle counting his change.  I had not seen or heard him ask anyone for spare change during this time.  He just held on to his frozen dinner and looked for the change needed to make his purchase.  I walked back up to him, caught his attention with my eyes into his…handed him a couple of singles.  I said to him “here”, taking his hand and told him “God Bless YOU”, smiled and walked away. (not wanting to embarrass him) The next thing I heard him say, caught my heart.  “Hey…look there, wow that is A LOT!!  I can get it- my food!!!  I can get MY FOOD”, the tone in his voice lightened with relief.  Did I feel like I did a good Samaritan deed, not really.  I felt overwhelmed, I can’t explain it. It makes me cry, still does as I am typing this.  But I was glad that I was able to give something to help him get through today, at least.  And I will pray that the Lord will continue to send someone in his path that will show him God does care for him and love him, for He loves us all the same. ~Zoey


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