Resonate in Spirit and Truth


It is the witness of the Holy Spirit that resonates in our hearts what we see and hear in our day to day experiences.  Line everything up with the word of God, discernment is the key.  As when Jesus ask Peter “who is it that you say I am?” [Matt. 16:13] When Peter replied that “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God’,  what transacted next between Peter and Jesus was fulfillment of OT prophecy. [Dan.9:25-26]  We see this as Peter proclaims that Jesus is Christ [anointed by God and consecrated to His service] and Jesus discerns that what Peter had said, resonated with his Spirit, truly spoken by God to Peter; “for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven.”

We have that same discernment through the Holy Spirit that when we hear someone speaking about faith and salvation, it will either resonate or not.  We are to weigh every idle word and to discern the times.  How do we do this?  Take it in prayer to our Christ Jesus.  Read the scriptures thoroughly and search out the meaning of what you are reading, (ask yourself) is it applicable and practical to you- does it speak to your spirit?  Growth in our faith is a journey of a lifetime…we do not ever “arrive” to a place of superiority. What is true evidence of wisdom is found in humility before a living God.

Some people will use the term “Rhema” word.   So weigh it.  Does it bring the grace of God?  Does it show the unfailing love of God?  Does it allow the renewing, restoring and rebuilding that encourages you?  Jesus repeated this passage in Matt.24:14 making reference to the prophet Daniel OT prophecy [mentioned earlier].   He continues stating to his followers…”I tell you a truth.”  The witness of the Holy Spirit is truth.  It is the power Jesus left us to live and abide in Him. He will quicken the Rhema word of God in your spirit.  Fear not and stand strong in the witness of Jesus Christ.

My devotion:

John 13:17

“Now, that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.”

Faith is love in motion.  I believe it.  It is the right thing to do…stand strong…JESUS STRONG!

My prayer:

When words escape me, Lord…your Spirit will make intercession on my behalf.  For this I raise my praise to you…my broken halleluiah…for you are the repairer and the lifter of my soul.  I pray for those to find the truth in you, Jesus and to accept it into their heart…meet them in their moment. For your love is unfailing. Praise your name Father God. ~amen


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