My ALL in ALL ..March 2, 2104

“Lean on, trust in and be confident in the LORD, with ALL your heart and mind, and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. (6) In ALL ways know, recognize, and acknowledge HIM, and HE will direct and make straight and plain your paths.”

My dear friends, I have been struggling with changing my eating habits for years now. Today, I was entering my food intake from yesterday, and I wrote the following in my “notes” section:

Depressed today. Things are snowballing..eating like there is no tomorrow, as if eating can solve anything!?! I am really crying as I write this. Life is just out of control…out of MY control…time to PRAY..IT is ALL in HIS control!! Praise Him!!

It was just when I wrote “Life is out of control” that my mind realized..I am NEVER in control..and honestly, why would I want to be?

Praise Him for nudging my brain in the right direction, and placing my eyes not on my problems, but HIS answers! I am faithful in my belief that the Lord has my life under control-in fact, just this week He “rescued” me from a financial mistake. To be perfectly honest, it is not that I am distrusting, it is that I forget. Yes, I forget to trust. I know many of you are just shaking your heads..lol, but, I know I will get this..I will! Because, now it is just a  matter of listening to the voices in my head and heart, and when I am headed in the wrong direction, I will confidently turn my head toward the LIGHT, the TRUTH that is JESUS!!

I think of where my own understanding and insight has taken me, and I want to shake myself! I know now that HE has it all worked out. I am unable to see the “Big Picture,” and HE does just that! ALL I have to do is ask! So, here goes:

Heavenly Father, I ask you help me with learning to eat in a more healthy way. I ask that when I am unnecessarily hungry, I stop and see if I am just feeling bored or lonely before eating food I do not need. I ask your forgiveness in making food an idol in my life, and help me fill the void of loneliness and depression with YOU, your words, your face, your place in my heart. In JESUS name, Amen

21 thoughts on “My ALL in ALL ..March 2, 2104”

  1. Pastor/Equipping the Saints:
    I do understand the privilege of helping others, and I do so when the opportunity presents itself. I do not like to speak of my “good deeds,” as I am reminded of the verse in which Jesus asks us not to be like the Priests who pray on the street corners where all can see them (to gain favor). Also, I often wonder when I might be “entertaining angels”-one never knows who is really behind that cardboard sign.

    I have wanted to tell you that I was impressed with the study you conducted on Burial VS Cremation. My mother and father were both cremated, but my grandparents were buried. I had really never given it another thought-especially if it was Biblically correct or not. Thank you for really researching the subject, and giving me something to think about.
    Your writings are such blessings to many, myself included.
    Thank you,

    1. Nicolette, My sister in Christ, thank you for your kind words. I know that God will lead you in respect to other people who you believe are in need of your help. Your heart shows the kind of person that you are; it won’t change. If someone deceives you into giving money to them, that is between them and God. You will have done what you thought that Jesus would have done. Do you remember WWJD? In respect to the article on Burial vs Cremation, I must say that I did not write it. I understand your concerns. My father was cremated. My wife’s parents were cremated. My mother was buried. My wife and I are “body donors” to our state’s Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy. We carry cards that direct our bodies to be transported directly to that facility. There, our bodies will be used for medical science. In a year, there will be a cremation and burial at the site of the facility. When I have been questioned about our decision, I will say that, upon our death as it relates to our bodies, “we won’t be there,” (2 Cor 5:8) I am sorry for the sorrow that you must have felt upon the deaths of your loved ones. My wife and I were very upset when we first found out about our family members’ being cremated, so I can understand how others may have those same feelings. Death is horrible; it was not in God’s plan. If I may go in another direction, I will let you know that three of my family members have committed suicide. Two cousins shot themselves. The male lay dying for about twenty minutes before he actually left this life. I read his suicide note. He had been having girl friend problems The female had had work problems. You can not imagine how many people were present to view her dead body. The third cousin, my sister in law, drove her car into her garage and let her car run until she died. My brother, who was four years younger than my age, died of a heart attack, and lay dead for 8 hours before he was found to be dead. That was the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. All of these relatives were believers in Jesus. Thank you for your heart of love. You definitely identify with our Lord’s Mt 25:40 discussion. Many blessings to you, Pastor/Equipping The Saints.

      1. Pastor:
        My heart is saddened by the news of your families suicides. There have been 2 in mine as well. My Aunt shot herself when I was a young child, and her son, my cousin, also shot himself when we were both in our 30’s. I do not know if they were believers or not. A very sad situation. Having had chronic depression for over 20 years, I can understand the place they found themselves in. Although I am a faithful believer, there are still times I wish life would just “stop.” That I would cease breathing. I get so tired of life’s endless struggles. one hill after another. As one person put it, I don’t want to play an active role in my own suicide. But, I wake up, and know the Lord has me here for a reason, and I search for that reason. Every. Day.

        I am a semi-retired RN-I can not tell you how you and your wife’s contribution is a blessing to the medical field. I do not know if your remains will be used for clinical study (students learning about the body, and it’s systems) or it will be used in research; but whichever, it is a wonderful thing you are doing. The cadavers I had the privilege to study, had a profound affect on me. I am a visual, and “hands on,” type of student-so being able to actually touch and physically examine a human heart (and all the rest) was such a valuable experience for me. On a different level, it gave me a new respect and “AWE” for the Lord, the body is so complex-the structure so divine-who else could have made it?

        As for the burial/cremation debate-I think my parents just thought it was economical, and I know for a fact, they did not want us to grieve them-they did not want a place for us to go and grieve-like their burial plot. I have their urn’s in my home. I couldn’t bear the thought of them just being thrown away like furnace debris.

        On giving to the less fortunate, you are correct in your thoughts. It is between them and the Lord. I can only give, it is up to them to decide if what they are doing is right in the eyes of the Lord.

        Pastor: I am thinking this conversation, and several I would like to have with you (if you don’t mind) would best be served in private. My email is john16v33@live.com-might we continue our private conversations there?
        Blessings to you my new friend!
        For His glory,

      2. My Sister, Thank you for your letter. It is very comforting for me to know when there are other people who have a heart of compassion, such as you. The body donor unit that I mentioned is located at a Medical College. There was a woman, who led the music in a church where I was its pastor, who volunteered to find the family of a man who was cremated. She carried his urn or ashes with her, in her car everywhere that she went. My father would not have wanted to burden our family with the cost of a body burial funeral, I think that is becoming very much of a consideration more and more in our world. My youngest daughter, and my sister, are nurses. I am very sorry for the pain that you and your family have had to endure, as it relates to suicide in your family. It has been said that may people commit suicide because the pain is so great that they see no end to their pain. They choose suicide for that reason. But, I still can look back at my counsin’s funeral, when she had so many people who were at her viewing. I wonder if she ever knew how many people loved her. My male cousin always had a personality that was different from those of his brothers. He was always “standoffish.” It didn’t surprise me to hear about his suicide. It was also very sad that one of his older brothers died of a heart attack in his early 40s. As a child, he was “bleeder.” He seemed to have had some hidden problems. His father was an alcoholic, but was wellknown in his town. The father had a death sickness that caused him to lose a very large amount of weight. The mother developed breast cancer. She had many problems with the father. Wow! Isn’t that the pits? The oldest son had serious problems with an air of superiority. I think that he wanted to be a golfer, but ended up selling time-shares; he grew a beard too. Can we say that many families are totally dysfunctional?(Thanks for allowing me to vent). i will contact you via email, but I will first send pictures of my church. That will help you to come to know more about me. I will send an email from the one that I mentioned, to yours, and tell you the email address of my photos. On the subject line of my first email to you, I will put Equipping The Saints. I want you to always know that I maintain a high degree of confidentiality with anyone who shares emails with me. About 15 years ago, a young woman walked down the aisle to place her membership in the church where I was the pastor. During our conversation, she said that had been having an affair. Her life was a wreck. She was a wonderful person. Her name, and the details of what she shared with me, can only be found in my mind. I will never reveal that information to anyone – ever. Please be looking for my email.
        Blessings to you, and thank you for all that you do for the cause of Christ.

      3. Nicolette, In case you have missed the emails, I have sent the photos of my church to your email address, along with the ministry signature block. I am looking forward to sharing with you via emails. Blessings,
        Pastor/Equipping The Saints.

      4. Hi Nicolette, I am not sure if my emails have been delivered to you. The one from my aol account bounced back. The ones from my gmail photo account appear to have been able to get to you. Please let me know if you have received any of my emails. If you are able to do so please send an email to my preferred email address: c.churchchurch@aol.com. Thank you.

      5. My Sister, In addition to the posts that I mentioned yesterday, please let me ask you to read the following:
        121613, The Sin Of The World
        011014 True Compassion
        011014-1 Preparedness, Gentleness, Respect
        011514 – An Open Letter To A Friend
        I trust that these writings will help you, and others who may read your blog and see my comment.

        Blessings to you,

        Senior Pastor/Equipping The Saints

      6. Thank you Pastor for your suggestions. I will read them as soon as I am able. God Bless you!
        Sis Nicolette

      7. Thank you for your kind words. This reply came at a very needed time. God is faithful in causing such things to happen. You are truly a worthy vessel through which our Lord Jesus allows the truth of His word freely flow.

  2. This is awesome! Learning to trust, for me is a process. My first instinct is to go to my own understanding and wisdom. However, I am learning to stop and seek Him with whatever it is I need. This simple little pause has really changed my life. Still sometimes, I forget. So, I totally understand what you are saying. I am learning to trust that He is helping me to trust Him with all my heart. I have faith that He is leading me in this. I love this devotion and you. ❤

    1. Yes, Jenni, I agree, it is a process. I feel I am oving forward, abeit slowly, in this process, and cannot wait to cross the finish line!
      Loving you too! <3, Nicolette

  3. In relation to food, which I love, I lost 30 pounds over a year. It was due not to how much I ate, but what I ate, It has become much easier, now that I have seen the results. Drink a lot of water. V-8 juice takes away the hunger pains. Now,let’s consider Matthew 25:40. Blessings to you.

    1. Thank you for your informative comment. Drinking H2O has been a trial, but one I am getting used to. Cutting down on sodas is helping, but sometimes I really crave the sweetness of a A&W 10. (10 calories). It is plenty sweet, without all the empty calories of regular soda.
      You have to explain Matt 25 v 40- I am reading it now, but do not understand what you are referring to. I am pretty “simple” when it comes to understanding metaphors and the Bible. 🙂

      1. The Mt 25:40 reference is part of the context of
        vs 33-46. Its specific meaning deals with the judgement of the Gentiles, as to how they treated the Jews during the Tribulation. Any good thing that was done for the Jews was the same as if they were done for Jesus, as shown in vs 35-40, and relates to their being given eternal life with God, and would show that they had come to faith in Jesus. The bad things that were done to the Jews, vs 41-44, show a lack of faith in Jesus, and their eternity in Hell. This is also called the Sheep and Goat Judgement. Key words are in: vs 40, “you did it to Me.” vs 45, “you did not do it to Me.”… A secondary meaning, and is which I related to you, deals with our responsibility to help the less fortunate. If we provide food to a hungry person, it’s as if we are feeding Jesus, and so on. I always use Mt 25:40 as often as I can do so,, to encourage people to help the less fortunate people of our world. You can find such thoughts on the first page of my blog, “Mission And Ministry Of Unto The Least Of These,” and “About Unto The Least Of These.” I hope this information is what you needed to you. Please know how proud of you for all that you do for the cause of Christ. Pastor/Equipping The Saints

      2. Nicolette, I replied directly to your blog about a later note from you; it related to cremation. Please know that you may want to email me for situations that require greater confidentiality. You can use c.churchchurch@aol.com In your subject line, please include your blog name.I have so many posts of bloggers coming to me that it is easy for me to miss a New Post type of reply. Blessings to you. Please have a blessed night.

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