Proverbs 31 Challenge ~ Chapter 6


Proverbs 6

Amplified Bible (AMP)

6 My son, if you have become security for your neighbor, if you have given your pledge for a stranger or another,

You are snared with the words of your lips, you are caught by the speech of your mouth.

Do this now [at once and earnestly], my son, and deliver yourself when you have put yourself into the [a]power of your neighbor; go, bestir and humble yourself, and beg your neighbor [to pay his debt and thereby release you].

Give not [unnecessary] sleep to your eyes, nor slumber to your eyelids;

Deliver yourself, as a roe or gazelle from the hand of the hunter, and as a bird from the hand of the fowler.

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider her ways and be wise!—

Which, having no chief, overseer, or ruler,

Provides her food in the summer and gathers her supplies in the harvest.

How long will you sleep, O sluggard? When will you arise out of your sleep?

10 Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to lie down and sleep—

11 So will your poverty come like a robber or one who travels [with slowly but surely approaching steps] and your want like an armed man [making you helpless].

12 A worthless person, a wicked man, is he who goes about with a perverse (contrary, wayward) mouth.

13 He winks with his eyes, he speaks by shuffling or tapping with his feet, he makes signs [to mislead and deceive] and teaches with his fingers.

14 Willful and contrary in his heart, he devises trouble, vexation, and evil continually; he lets loose discord and sows it.

15 Therefore upon him shall the crushing weight of calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken, and that without remedy.

16 These six things the Lord hates, indeed, seven are an abomination to Him:

17 A proud look [the spirit that makes one overestimate himself and underestimate others], a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 A heart that manufactures wicked thoughts and plans, feet that are swift in running to evil,

19 A false witness who breathes out lies [even under oath], and he who sows discord among his brethren.

20 My son, keep your father’s [God-given] commandment and forsake not the law of [God] your mother [taught you].

21 Bind them continually upon your heart and tie them about your neck.

22 When you go, they [the words of your parents’ God] shall lead you; when you sleep, they shall keep you; and when you waken, they shall talk with you.

23 For the commandment is a lamp, and the whole teaching [of the law] is light, and reproofs of discipline are the way of life,

24 To keep you from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a loose woman.

25 Lust not after her beauty in your heart, neither let her capture you with her eyelids.

26 For on account of a harlot a man is brought to a piece of bread, and the adulteress stalks and snares [as with a hook] the precious life [of a man].

27 Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned?

28 Can one go upon hot coals and his feet not be burned?

29 So he who cohabits with his neighbor’s wife [will be tortured with evil consequences and just retribution]; he who touches her shall not be innocent or go unpunished.

30 Men do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he is hungry;

31 But if he is found out, he must restore seven times [what he stole]; he must give the whole substance of his house [if necessary—to meet his fine].

32 But whoever commits adultery with a woman lacks heart and understanding (moral principle and prudence); he who does it is destroying his own life.

33 Wounds and disgrace will he get, and his reproach will not be wiped away.

34 For jealousy makes [the wronged] man furious; therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance [upon the detected one].

35 He will not consider any ransom [offered to buy him off from demanding full punishment]; neither will he be satisfied, though you offer him many gifts and bribes.


2 thoughts on “Proverbs 31 Challenge ~ Chapter 6”

  1. Chapter 6

    I decided to do my next few chapters in this study format. I hope you can follow my search of Wisdom and gain a basic understanding of the teachings.

    Responsibilities for another person’s debt or obligation.
    Vs 3: God says to free yourself from all indebtedness. To do this, you must be diligent, persistent, without wavering in making an appeal to the person who’s debt you are under.

    Vs 9: Slothfulness
    Love of leisure more than work. It will take over your priorities if you let it. Eventually, it will destroy your spiritual walk with God and serve only to defeat you. Each person, like the ant, is responsible to save & gather (work) for their self-preservation and to contribute to the community.

    Vs 12: Scoundrel & Villain
    Someone who’s cavalier attitude and character will lead you down another path away from trusting in God’s wisdom.

    Vs 14: Plots to do evil
    Make plans to entice someone into their way of thinking. Takes advantage of the week and vulnerable person by doing harm to them or their personal property & belongings.

    Vs 16-19: Seven things God Detests (abhors/hates)
    *Haughty eyes/ proud heart
    *Lying tongue/ enticement
    *Shedding of innocent blood / bodily harm/ causing death
    *Heart that devises wicked schemes / deceiving the week, poor and sick. Swindlers and liars.
    *Feet that are quick to rush into evil / foolish man, prostitutes, Pagan practices, moral abuse
    *A false witness / pours out lies about what is contrary to the Word, Truth of the Lord.
    *Man who stirs up dissension
    Spreads slander against someone to destroy that person. Creates distrust and culminates alienation and distrust/conflict.

    Vs 20-22: Attributes of keeping Commands & teachings (antidotes)
    *It will-when you walk: guide you
    *It will-when you sleep: watch over you
    *It will-when you wake: speak to you

    Vs 23: Commands are a lamp and teachings a light
    Vs 29: No one goes unpunished – all need to make restitution to God and man
    Vs 30-35: Adultery results in betrayal, disgrace and destruction.

    My Prayer:
    Jesus, only through you can we be truly free. Help us understand what that means to us, teach us how to live victorious lives. Help us to choose your gospel first over any other teaching. Be our Light and Lamp along our journey. Worthy are you and you alone. For you are our High Priest, ever interceding on our behalf. Praise the Name above all others. Jesus! Bless the Lord, all that is within me! Bless His Holy Name! Amen

    Bless you~Zoey

  2. Day 6: Proverbs 6

    Manufacturing Wisdom

    18 A heart that manufactures wicked thoughts and plans, feet that are swift in running to evil,

    When I think of manufacturing something, I think of a big factory with conveyor belts and assembly lines. It produces mass quantities of something. As I read this portion of scripture, I wondered what is being manufactured in my heart? What thoughts and plan are running on it’s conveyor belts? What plans am I assembling there? Am I constantly thinking on trouble, sorrow, misfortune and distress? If those things are what fill my thinking then guess what my heart is manufacturing? I have just assembled exactly what God hates….a heart that manufactures wicked thoughts and plans. However if I use my heart to manufacture His words and His plan by allowing that to roll through my heart assembly lines, then I will mass produce faith in my God, i.e. a heart that pleases God. That is my desire.

    Now for “feet that are swift in running to evil.” What controls my feet? My thoughts. Godly thoughts produce Godly action. So if my heart is manufacturing His plans and purposes, my feet will be swift to doing good. I will both manufacture His purpose and obey it! Wisdom’s way is thinking on God, His word, His promises, His truth, letting His truths overflow the assembly lines of my heart.

    ****Thank you, Lord for helping my heart manufacture what pleases You. Also for helping my feet be swift to do Your good.

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