I live in a part of the country that is extremely cold; which is very hard on the older car I drive. I have to let my car warm up or it will die on me. What happens when it dies is that I lose power steering and power brakes. I have learned how to compensate for this by putting my car in neutral and giving it gas.

Recently, my son borrowed my car and did not let it warm up. I did not instruct him how to let it warm up. He was driving down the road towards the train tracks and the signal for the train coming went down.  When he tried to stop the car it died and he lost all power brakes and steering. He had to drive off the road, to the side to avoid hitting the train. It was a very close call and a very scary moment.

This began me thinking about the ability to stop. It is not something I have given much thought to but recently I am learning the value of stopping. Being able to stop saved my son’s life. So I begin to think of stopping in terms of my spiritual walk.

As I am studying in the book of Proverbs, I am learning the value of seeking His wisdom first. In order to do this, I must have the ability to stop acting from my own understanding. Especially, when I am facing hard circumstances, I know I need God’s perspective in order to remain at peace and reach His victory.

This “stopping” ability really came in handy as I am currently planning my family’s move to Oregon. A huge road block has come up to hinder that plan. However, it was just like my cold car that shut off on my son as he approached that train, my heart was careening into certain death. But wisdom stepped in and stopped me from total despair.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (AMP)

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.

In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.

God’s wisdom helped me to stop and ask for His perspective.  Then He totally changed my view of the situation.  The roadblock really is answer to my prayer. It looks bad but it is really good.  Furthermore, because God answered my prayer concerning the road block, how much more is He going to answer my prayer for our trip to Oregon? This thought so encouraged my heart, stopping my descent into emotional turmoil.

When I could only see this roadblock in my wisdom, I was doomed. There was only certain death to my Oregon hopes. Yet, He has been teaching me. This situation was my opportunity to practice. He helped me to stop.

I would like to encourage you. Your heart may be running cold, not quite warmed up to what the Lord is teaching you. You may think you are heading in the right direction but suddenly lose vision, hope and strength. Stop! Call out to Him and He will give you Himself for that moment.  He wants you have His wisdom about your situation. He has a perfect plan and if you will seek Him, He will show you how to stop, to avoid that road block, go around it or go through it with victory.


6 thoughts on ““STOPPING” GREATNESS”

  1. I just love to hear you speak of your trials and how you surrender and look to God and he gives you peace. I hope to have your discipline and am able to be clear on what The Lord is telling me. You have given me so much wisdom in the wats of The Lord..I believe your roadblock is the fact that He doesn’t want you leaving me!!! LOL. Thanks for your ministry. It helps me more than you know.

  2. Love it, love it, love it!!! Suffice it to say that when you might give up hope…instead give up Praise. Call out His name…Jesus! He is there in the moment. A present HELP! To encourage our hearts and be our strength. He will fill our minds with right thinking and give us understanding on what to do.

    Laugh, Love and Live….blessings~Zoey

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. The move is something that I had to consider many years ago about a long move. One day, the thought came very strongly to my mind. The thought was to make the move. I have never regretted it. Please continue to pray. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you.
    Senior Pastor/Equipping The Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I Might Know Him”

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