By Shelly

Long Awaited is the Breakthrough that we are hoping to see. We have been on the battlefield and standing through the storms and the winds that blow constantly. Long Awaited is the end of the storm as our Father through us continues to encourage enlighten and ensure that all things will be alright. You are going to Overcome this world through patience and walking worthy as His child and a true delight. Long Awaited are the time when the Devil will no longer be a threat but ashes under the Righteous feet. When all things will have turned around and the times will be so sweet. Long Awaited and ready for the change to come and ready to receive the blessings that the Righteous and Worthy from on high. Blessings that our Father will see that we get because His own He shall never deny. Peace and Blessings Kings and Queens have a beautiful day. Shalom Much Love.


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