Something happened on my way to…

A year and a half ago I was at work like any other morning. I do the job I do and love it. I remind myself on hard days to love them like Jesus and that keeps me keeping on. I do home nursing for people that most people stay clear of. I love my people. I have days where we celebrate because I taught a man to write his name and I have days where I say that over and over and over in my head..”love em like Jesus!” I try to live the life of the good Samaritan everyday. I know y’all know the story of the Good Samaritan. So this fall morning I was acting out of love and compassion. My person was unsteady and started to teader. Very unsteady. Patient could hit cement floor or the metal door frame head on. As someone who works sometimes in the ER and a lover of Jesus I tried to lessen the impact and guide the patient down my body to the floor. The weight caused they called a football injury in my knee. After doing first aid I crawled up the stairs to get help.
I have had 5 knee surgeries and has left me with a permanent disability. I spent over a year with doctor once every two weeks, surgeon every three months, physiotherapy 5 days a week and exercise rehab. This moment and time changed my life. I have been asked by every doctor and government official if I would redo it or change it and I say the same thing. No! I was loving them like Jesus. I may never run a marathon but I can run to Jesus. I may never be a nurse or perform nursing duties but I know all this is a part of Gods plan and shall be used for good. God is so good. Today I went into meet a dean at a techi school because now I will have to have a desk job. And by the time I left they offered me a job and asked me what I would need to work for them. I know this much is true that if you want to make God laugh make a plan. Maybe I became a nurse to help people and wear scrubs but God allowed it to save a mans life and to provide my mother in law her final days of care. So something happened on my way to school. God showed me that He has other plans for me, trust in Him, that he never wastes a hurt and that above all if you stay in His light and walk the walk you will always be cared for and it will all work out for His glory. Thank you Father God for my abilities and for your teachings for the good book that keeps me very real in a very unreal world. And that’s my story.

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