By Shelly

Bonded together with our Father as He builds a bond with us everyday. We are Bonded with Him in the spirit and as He has promised we will make a way. Bonded we are through His Love and through Faith in Him too. He is going to be there as He continues to bond with us as we ride out the Storms and everything that we go and grow through. Bonded we are and we need to bond with each other more as family. We are in the storms but sometimes we need to lean on somebody. We need to get together and bond with Each other as the times are perilous that we live in today. Just know our Father is there so read His Word and always pray. We are Bonded and ready because our Father has prepared us to be. We have hope that from day to day the storms will end and the light at the end of the tunnel we will see. Good Morning Kings and Queens continue to lift up prayers for my Mother Evelyn B. Wright and the sick and hospitalized too. Because day to day we don’t know what challenges that we may grow through. Shalom Much Love.

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