Shine as His Light to the World!

church missions

My Devotion: Mat.5:13-16

One of my fondest memories as a child is the story of a little church bank (coin) that you gave a special offering for the mission field ministries.

Growing up, my parents would gives us loose change for our offering in Sunday school and then my mom would wrap in a hankie, a special offering for the missions (usually pennies). As we grew older we understood the importance of giving to those who went to other countries to share the gospel and work in communities. I would always look forward to reading the news in our church bulletin of the stories from missionary trips. My mother (from a young age) had a heart for missions; she loved the people and cultures from around the world. She instilled that value in our lives as well.

church mission

Times have changed from my childhood in the 60’s and that little missionary church bank. Today there are large ministries that give to third world countries and send hundreds (if not thousands) of missionaries around the world to build churches, water wells, hospitals, farms for the local communities and schools to educate the local children, so their hope goes forward to the next generation. It has revived, restored and renewed the lives of many, many people worldwide!  Praise God!!

I wonder (if asked) how many of these mission workers would remember back to their own childhood, possibly even a little mission church bank where they put their pennies for missionaries? I am sure, more than most would have a story to share of what influenced their vision for mission work.

God has called each of us to go and tell the story of Jesus, to give the plan of salvation to those who have not been reached with the gospel.[Rom.15:29] We have a calling on our lives.[Acts 1:8] God paired the disciples in two’s [Lk. 10:1] and sent them out into the highways and byways to preach the Good News to the lost and to bring hope and encouragement into their life.

I understand that not all of us are physically able to go to other countries, but I like to think that even if you travel for personal or professional reasons, you can take the opportunity to talk to someone about the Lord and what He has done in your life.  I believe we are never “too old” or “too young” to talk about the Lord and His love for us!   Anywhere or anytime you can “Carpe Diem” or “Seize the Day” and take the opportunity, the open door, the pause in the conversation to say…”May I share with you?”


My Prayer:


When we go about in the busy hustle and bustle of our day, help us to see the opportunities before us to share our story and in turn, open the door of a person’s heart to find salvation, that they will see your unfailing love and follow you. I pray this in your “Wonder-filled” name, Jesus. Amen~Zoey


6 thoughts on “Shine as His Light to the World!”

  1. I am so grateful for the evangelistic heart God has placed in you. Your heart that sees every moment as a mission to share Christ. You are beautiful my friend.

  2. I remember those little cardboard churches that we filled with loose change!! Thanks so much for the flashback. I confess that I greatly appreciate the system I have for contributing, largely to the clean water ministry of World Vision, because I have my bank account set up to make a contribution every month, so there is no danger that I’ll forget or find myself too busy to send off a check. I know the pennies I send today are doing good in the Name of Jesus, but I have to wonder, now that you’ve brought it to my attention, if I didn’t make Our Father smile more when I was all excited to put pennies in our family’s cardboard church, and to turn it in when the missionaries my church sponsored came to visit. Thanks for reminding me that it’s not the money we give that blesses the heart of God, it’s the giving spirit behind the money, and an automatic contribution doesn’t have much spirit of any kind inherent to it. I’ll bet if I tried hard enough, I could figure out how to make a cardboard church out of a cereal box … and if I can’t, then I’ll bet my granddaughters, James’ girls, could give me a hand. Talent runs strong and deep in his family, you know!

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