By Shelly

Damage Control is what praying will do and when we are able to forgive and move on too. Fragments are the pieces that we can put together of our lives for the damage that many of us grow through. When we encourage and uplift each other we are doing Damage Control to help those who are hurting because we are coming to their rescue. This is what we are doing when we show our Love for doing the Father’s will too. We do Damage Control when we are listening and hearing the problems that seem to overwhelm those we are talking to. Giving them assurance of what our Father can do. We are truly His tools and we handle Damage Control for Him as so many are hurting everyday. We give them our testimonies of how our Father will make a way. We need to show them that it will go well with them because our Father is a rock and you can lean on Him. Good Morning Kings and Queens hold on to your beliefs in your Father the Most High. Keep in your heart and mind that His children in the midst of the storm are safe because they, He will never deny. Shalom Much Love.

4 thoughts on “By Shelly”

  1. Thank you for sharing that, Shelly. It’s good to be reminded that it is our job to encourage those around us in Jesus’ name, just by the way we handle the challenges in our own lives.

  2. God tells us to use our words to build others up. In my devotion today I encountered this same sentiment. Guess God is reminding me – “the tongue weighs virtually nothing, yet few can hold it.” Great reminder here to use our tongues to contract damage it may inflict as well as assuage the damage others have done as well. Blessings!

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