Mama’s Bible

Mother's Day_2014

Mama’s Bible
by Zoey

I found my mama’s bible

in the things of hers
I went through today.

The bookmarked pages hold
the place where
God had touched her
heart as she
read His word that day.

And in my heart I can hear
Mama telling me:
“Keep God’s words close,
pray for His guidance,
don’t lose faith,
He will always
keep you in His care.”

There is no stronger force
than a mama’s prayers to
the throne of God.

And I believe,
No foe can conquer
No trial defeat
No evil befall against
His children- big or small.

“For Thy will be done,

on earth
as in Heaven”,

my heart does

hear my mama pray,
as she marked
another page in her bible
where God touched
her heart that day.



15 thoughts on “Mama’s Bible”

  1. Zoey, this is my favorite Mother’s Day post that I’ve ever read. Although my own mother won’t be leaving behind a bible that she’s written in–I will be for my own daughter.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  2. Bringing back memories of my mother who went to be with the Lord 30 years ago.. and she left her precious marked Bible too.
    Thanks Zoey for the recap on mother’s.. Bible.

      1. I hope that when I have gone to live with the Author of the Word, my children will consider my bible to be treasure and that they might learn from my conversations with my Heavenly Father that are written all over the margins of the operating manual he has given me for living on earth.

      2. Yup, I have one bible that already has the margins filled up, and they are filling up fast on the replacement I got a couple years ago for that one. If Jesus leaves me here for much longer, I’m liable to fill up enough margins to have one for each of my four grandchildren, too! I don’t understand people who won’t mark in their bibles … that’s my favorite time of every day!!

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