Collaborative Love is taught from the heart




A mother is your life line from conception to birth. The diversity of nurturing growth is patterned for the individual. Now there’s a heavy thought. Here is a view of collaboration I encountered between a young mother and daughter. (Remember, I am conveying a perspective as I hear this short conversation.) They are standing by a cart while waiting to cross to the parking lot….“So, she is not?” questions the daughter. “I guess not”, say the mother, looking downcast, and disgust on her face. Her daughter stance was a mirror of hers. I guess their ages might be close to 30’ish and 8yrs.

As children/teens develop their likes and dislikes from parents or authority figures in their life, it is critical that we as adults be sensitive to what we project in front of young impressionable minds. They attach our preferences and make them their preferences.   We must remember that…

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