By Shelly

Prayer Leader is what each and everyone of us are as we speak to our Father and gain spiritual insight. We are Prayer Leaders in praising our Father who in us find sheer delight. Prayer Leaders are who we are as we come before Him seeking His face and asking Him for blessings and His favor too. Our Father has given us His spirit and we pray in the spirit as the spirit leads us. Prayer Leader is what we are and each of us must go before the Father on our own. We are the ones who are there who go before the throne. We need to constantly be in prayer because of the attacks that come up against us daily and the fight we have on our hands. We need to keep ourselves in touch with our Father as only He can. Prayer Leader in our home and let us uplift the banner of the Most High. We need to be encouraged as we know through prayer our requests He doesn’t deny. We must pray for patience and understanding too. Because being the Prayer Leader is about a breakthrough. Shalom Much Love.

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