By Shelly

God Strength is what we need to just be able to stand in the Storms we’re going through. We need the strength of our Father to just make it some days and to just get out of bed too. I know the challenges can be rough and the test can be hard to take. But we are the children of the Most High, He allows us to bend but never break. God Strength is the strength of creation where He spoke things to be. I know I wished I could speak the desires of my heart and before my eyes those things I would see. But He has promised us the desires of our hearts but we must wait patiently. Because those things that He has promised will come true and much more than we could ever imagine totally. God Strength is what we will need as we wait on Him for our Victory. Just know our season is coming and soon we will rejoice endlessly. To you and yours and we are indeed blessed to be alive and up and around. Just trust and believe that God Strength was found. Shalom Much Love.

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