Whatever you need, I am

To Moses the angel of the Lord appear,

And Moses went there showing no fear.

Moses turned towards the blazing bush.

God knowing that he had to give him a push.


Moses looked at the flame,

And God called out his name.

Moses, Moses, Moses

Here am I, Moses answered with boldness.


Moses turned aside

Amazed that the bush had not died.

God said draw not nigh hither

Moses not knowing what he was going to have to consider.


God said Moses take off your shoes and turn around

For you are standing on holy ground.

God said I am the God of thy father,

God of no other.


Moses bowed his head and hid his face,

Afraid not knowing that he was chosen to save his race.

God said I got work for you to do, why

Because I heard the cry.


The cry of my people who are in affliction,

Made a slave by another nation.

They are living a life that is appalling.

For your life I got a special calling.


I heard my people cry day and night.

I want you to go back to Egypt and make it right.

I want you to tell Pharaoh to let my people go.

I want him to understand that the answer will not be no.


Moses said  people been slaves for 400 years.

They don’t know who you are I fear,

They worship their master gods and there are many,

And none of them are very friendly.


I want you to know Moses this is the reason I got your attention.

This is what I want you to tell them and mention,

That the God that told you to let my people go My name is I am.

And I don’t get my power from no other gods, I am.


If you are hungry I am your bread I am.

If you are thirsty I am your water I am.

If you are sick I am your healer I am.

If your are stuck in a corner I am your way out I am.

If your are in trouble i am your counselor I am.

Whatever you need, I am

Tell them my God is I am who I am.

3 thoughts on “Whatever you need, I am”

  1. Gwen:
    Beautiful, strong, bold, self-assured and full of the truth of God…the Great I AM!!! This poem is so special and anointed…thank you for bringing this to us. Blessings~Zoey

    1. …each time I read your beautiful poem, it is like reminiscent of something I could hear Maya Angelou recite. The voice of this message is crisp and cool like the air during a gentle rain… you can hear the crack of the thunder rumbling in the mist, as if imparting His Strength with each spiritual cadence of proses. I just love this Gwen…it blesses me!

      You are such a beautiful vessel of the Lord, sweet sister! Much JOY to you ~Zoey

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