By Shelly

I am Frankly Praying to our Father for His blessings and guidance. I’m Frankly Praying for those who will read and share this message that they are blessed with a tremendous breakthrough. We are Frankly Praying out of our hearts with deep conviction and asking for our season to come and begin to see changes take place. I am here with you as each morning as we rise the next day in the storm we must face. We will Overcome and not be Overwhelmed as our Father will see us through. He is going to hear when we ‘re Frankly Praying and will honor your requests for you. Frankly Praying for the blessings of our Father to encourage us and to always make a way. To come in and rescue us as we can’t seem to face another day. Frankly Praying for strength and patience to overcome what lies ahead and holding on to hope of everything in Scripture that was read. Good Morning to you and yours as we are blessed beyond belief to see that when we are Frankly Praying He listens to us attentively. Shalom Much Love.


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