Happy Father’s Day



Although my sweet father has been with the Lord for many years, at this time I would like to share a bit about a man who showed me how to make the best banana pancakes in town, yes, that would be my papa aka Dad.  I am sure you have favorite memories of your father or someone who was father-like to you…especially with it being Father’s Day! My dad taught me how to cook. By the time I could reach the dials on the stove I was watching and helping to cook in the kitchen. I loved it! I didn’t say I was good- but I loved the fun I had learning. My mother was an excellent baker and cook in her own right but my dad was the “chef” when he was cooking. He never followed a recipe from a book. One of my favorites weekend breakfasts was banana pancakes. I would slice the bananas up (very thick) to match the thick pancakes (boy, I am getting hungry just typing this) I can just about smell them wafting in the air, lol. Then we would sit down and feast like it was our last meal, yum! The giggles were as plenteous! Another favorite weekend breakfast treat was DONUTS! Again, we are dusting off some oldie’s but goodie’s stories, This one is about the BELOVED HELM’S Man! Like the ice-cream man who drove through the neighborhood during the summer…we had the Helms bread man in a panel truck wagon from the 50’s! We would listen for his bell that rang like the ones’ we had on our huffy bike (oh, yeah) now were talking! The house would hit a high decimal with the girly squealing when we heard the Helms mans coming down the street! My dad was the best…because one of his weaknesses was DONUTS…AND WE LOVED DAD!!! I was shy though the first time I meet the Helms man, I must have been around 5’ish but I remember how kind he was, this big man with an accent (later I found out he was German). He pulled out the long drawer with all these different types of doughnuts…pink iced, sprinkles, chocolate…you get the idea and I just stood there wide eyed (of course wanting them all) I hid behind my dad and the Helms man chuckled. He asked me to “look at all the doughnuts here…which one is yours?” I remembered he picked out a French-curler and that began my very wonderful childhood crush on the Helms man! Just like most things during the “Age of Aquarius”, the Helms man was replaced by Wenchelle’s Doughnuts and so ended my crush. But I always think of those days when dunking my french-curler in my cocoa at the doughnut shop.

On weekends my dad would tinker outside most of the day, I think because mama was in the house most of the day. Lol. He was either building something or working in the yard, again a master gardener without a book. I was his helper to hold the boards while he nailed or sawed and if we were working in the yard he would ask “get me the rake”! All the while he was teaching me how to garden and build things and cook. We would go grocery shopping at the fresh markets and he would show me how to pick out fruit and veggies. I am a very picky shopper to this day because I learned good judgment and the value of my money. Even though I didn’t grow up with great wealth or status…I had a father who taught me unconditional love…for that I will always be grateful. He believed a man is only as good as his word and he was a man who believed the word of God. I hope that this Father’s Day is special to you. Remember the times shared together are meaningful and priceless…they are the heartsongs that will lighten the burdens or struggles and anchor your footings along the path of life. God Bless ~Zoey

Blessed is a man who knows His God

Who’s heart seek to follow His ways.



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