A prayer for AirAsia flight 8501

Day at the river_2014

Father God,

We pray for comfort (as only you can give) for the hearts of those who are suffering the loss of a loved one on AirAsia 8501. The answers may never come but we know that you are omnipresent, now and forever. You are close and not asleep as are false gods and false teachers. You are ever present in our time of need; available to all who have given their hearts to know of Jesus as their Savior. Your love is without limits and boundaries. Sadness may be for a night – but Joy comes in the morning. If we can know that these who are lost to us are in your presence – then all is JOY! For your kingdom is a place where there are no more tears, pain or suffering but instead, is a place of Love eternal and full of the beauty of Grace. What a sight to have seen these who love you come running into the open arms of their Heavenly Father. I pray that the hearts of those who love them be comforted in knowing that now these family members and friends share a common love and are cherished by a God who never left them in the darkest of peril. Amen.







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