Devotions, Home

by Shelly ~

This is a spiritual reminder of what you do.

When you think you know who it is that you’re talking to.

Scriptures say we entertain Angels unaware but

there are the Heavenly Angels and the Fallen ones also.

There’s an easy way to tell by the

Drama and Confusion then you’ll know.

The Fallen ones have been here and

this is where all the trouble in the world comes from.

This is the reign of the Unholy One but the Father

will bring a change when He comes.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood even

if flesh and blood are all we see.

They are filled, Possessed and Controlled by

demons who have been here for an eternity.

Father forgive them for they do not know what they do.

They have given themselves up to demons that have no Love for you.

Call them false friends or family they’re out to get you mad or more.

But just you hold on as they are going to reap a harvest that the Father has in store.

Good Morning Kings and Queens, People aren’t just people

when they have darkness inside of them.

But they will be dealt with when they stand before Him.

Shalom Much Love.

(Thank you Gwen for sharing this sobering truth…we must guard our heart!) Blessings ~Zoey


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