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A star in the making for HIM… by Shelly

earth_4(Thank you Gwen, we are holding Shelly in our thoughts and prayers) ~Zoey

I would like to share this beautiful message from our friend Shelly, in loving memory of his mother who entered into God’s heavenly kingdom on January 12, 2015:

By Shelly

Tonight I come to you with news of the passing of my Mother, Evelyn B. Wright today. She passed away not in pain but simply slept away. I thank you all for your prayers and support and I am blessed to have felt your Love and concern too.

But please remember we all have an expiration date and one day He’s going to call all of you. Another thing to remember is that this isn’t the end but we are going to sleep until the resurrection when He awakens us to join Him.

The Messiah was the first fruit and He’s going to call all those who are sleeping and awaken all of them. My Mother lived a full 95 years and it was a blessing to have her around. Truly it’s a treasure to have good parents and no greater treasure in the world could ever be found. We are temporary creatures and so I tell you enjoy your life each and every day. Because we were born to die in this flesh, we weren’t meant to stay.

Let’s Celebrate life and not think on death because life is too short for worry and fear. We should eat drink and be Merry in the fear and respect of our Father because there’s no guarantee on how long we will be here.

Good Evening, Kings and Queens Let’s enjoy this breath even in the midst of disappointment too. Just remember life is meant to be lived and never forget that the Father holds your time and He will take care of you.

Shalom Much Love.


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