Devotions, Home

by Shelly

(Thank you Gwen for sharing another great word from Shelly. Blessings~Zoey)

by Shelly
It’s just an attack of the devil when these fiery trials come up against you. It seems like the bottom falls out at one time and you start to feel like Job too. The Devil will stop at nothing to bring you to the point of tears. He will bring you through memory lane with your past to instill you with worry and fears.  Just know when friends and family turn on you, a greater blessing you have in store.  He [Devil] knows that you’re a threat to him because of your anointing so he comes at you as never before.

Just hold on and trust in your Father for He has never let you down. He is going strengthen you through this trial and keep your feet planted on solid ground. Your weeping may endure for a night but Joy comes tomorrow.Get ready to be abundantly blessed and to no longer feel any sorrow.

Good Morning Kings and Queens, There are times all it takes is an inch for you to give place to the the devil and he will take advantage of the situation and of you. And he’s only doing what the Father allows him to do.

Shalom Much Love.


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