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Retaliation and Retribution


A Christian who is walking a life of Living atonement (for Christ is resurrected) has the power of Love (the greatest of all) residing in their heart. It will affect and effect people. Remember the characteristics of the gospel when preached by the 12 Apostles; it angered the Pharisees and they (disciples) were outcast from the temple. It is the affect of the truth of God’s pure love casting light upon all veiled things before Him.

Look past the gossiper’s projections and subterfuge. Gossip, when strategically seeded in your daily life will defuse the light within, if you let it. It darkens the mind with the hurtful words that people speak. Stop listening to the lies. It is purposed to bring shame and faulty judgment.


Cast off the gossip, lies and unfamiliar voices. DO NOT LIVE GOSSIP. Instead, live a life centered in Jesus Christ.  Love out loud. Hope out loud. Be joyful even when it makes no sense, even when people try to make you miserable. Let His light shine within your heart and it will make your day brighter.

Isaiah 40.31

When you are a light amongst the darkness of gossip & lies, no other can stand against it. His promises will take you through. Fill you mind with His word. Think on the things that are honest to counter the lies, things that are just, pure, lovely and of good report. Look at the virtue in those things the Lord brings to mind and like it says in the word…”and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Wow! One good thought brings light to fill the void. His promise will bring your thoughts around to praise Him.


Bless the Lord today and your heart will be lifted. You are not alone. You can trust the Holy Spirit, for He is in the mist of it all.

Joshua 1.9

My Prayer:

Remind us Lord, that in your word is life.  You are a just God.  Filled with Grace and Mercy.  You watch over your word, what a loving God.  You do not curse and watch for evil to prevail against your people.  You do not tell lies to destroy us.  Instead, You will lift our hearts and cause us to soar above the adversity.  You restore us and wash all shame and guilt away, in your eyes we are a new creation.  It is the devil who is like a roaring lion seeking to devour us, through any who will listen to his lies and live out his deceptions.  Help us Lord, revive us with the Holy Spirit to hear only your voice and walk in your truth.  Amen~


2 thoughts on “Retaliation and Retribution”

  1. Reblogged this on ChristianBlessings and commented:

    Let us bring the message to lift up one another with LOVE and Wisdom. God is faithful to watch over his word to fulfillment. How many promises are in his word for for all who seek Him out? Pick your favorite passage, verse or psalm, like a favorite fruit or food and feed your soul today. Blessings ~Zoey

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