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Grace, Grace, Unmerited Grace!

My devotion: Titus 2:12

” It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age,”

Ok, so I looked (Googled) up what the equivalent would be in today’s society: (buckle up)

Thesaurus: Synonyms for ungodliness
noun: illegal or immoral action
• crime
• error
• evil
• fault
• guilt
• immorality
• lust
• misdeed
• offense
• shortcoming
• transgression
• violation
• wrong
• wrongdoing
• anger
• covetousness
• damnation
• debt
• deficiency
• demerit
• disobedience
• envy
• gluttony
• imperfection
• iniquity
• pride
• sinfulness
• sloth
• tort
• trespass
• unrighteousness
• vice
• wickedness
• wrongness
• evil-doing

“Worldly passions develop into aberrant forms or deviations.
Sex, an act intended for marriage (between a man and a woman) becomes lust, fornication, adultery, sexual fantasy, pornography.
The need for food deviates into gluttony, an irrational and excessive consumption of what we eat.
Indignation at injustice becomes anger, manifested in resentment, refusal to forgive, the compulsive need to make a point, loss of control, rage, assault, violence, murder.
The fundamental needs for clothing and shelter deviate into materialism, manifested by consumerism, lavish spending, hoarding, and meaningless collecting.
The need for rest is transformed into sloth, laziness, indifference, and a lack of self-discipline. Healthy fear becomes timidity, cowardice, discouragement, paranoia, inertia and an irrational sense of danger.
These aberrant forms tend not just to exist in our character composition, but to dominate us.”
(By The Rev. James Rooney/ St. Benedict Of Nursia Orthodox Church
Sept. 18, 201

This is enough to sit you down in your seat. Enough to make you either ask yourself a very hard question or to laugh it off in disbelief.

There is no gray area when it comes to living ungodly and filling our lives with worldly passions. It seems so hard- lined and un-cool, right? Why can’t we have just “a little fun”, “a little sinfulness”, “a little time in the sun”, so to speak??? Its innocent fun, right?, you might think…even if it is at the expense of someone else or even your own peril.

The answer to that question is found in personal character, as Rev. James Roony stated, these things tend to not just exist in our character but will dominate us. How does this happen? We are seemingly in control, right? We are successful in our careers. We got this, right?

Prideful and stubborn people bring it to the door of the heart and it just simply happens that easily.[Proverbs 16:18] It happens very subtly, being tempted by the things that surround us visually in the media and in our personal life.

The remedy is found in the Grace that God brings in the form of kindness and love of our Savior Jesus Christ. [Titus 3:4] You don’t have to wax (phony) religious to be redeemed by His Grace. God can see through a person who is walking in unbelief. But, simply be real and with humility bring the things that weigh you down (sin) before Him, leaving it all at his feet, He will to take from you and forgive it. Most importantly, God doesn’t remember our sin, He will not bring it up again because his purpose is for us to not continue to be stuck in the problem but to overcome and be victorious.[Hebrews 8:12] He promises to purify his people that are his own. We don’t have to continue in unhealthy patterns of ungodliness and following worldly passions.  Nothing is too hard for God, in His strength is our weakness made strong. [2 Corinthians 12:9]  God will bring you to a place of stability.  But it takes YOU sticking with Him.

Saying NO and instead embrace God’s promises first, it will give you the choices to make the right decision and keep on the path of His Grace and His Righteousness.

Grace,   Grace,  Unmerited Grace!

Live Jesus!  Live Restored!  Live Redeemed!  Live Life and more Abundantly!  Live Loved!






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