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The Language of Promise by Graham Cooke ~ Week 7


Graham Cooke: pgs. 18-19


Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus spoke to the treasure
God had deposited in people. He even blessed the spiritual
treasure that the person themselves did not realize they had.
In Luke 19, Jesus met a crooked tax collector named Zacchaeus.
Not once did Jesus reveal the man’s sin. All He did was bless him
and honour him. Humbled, Zacchaeus knew what to do: “Look,
Lord, I give half of my goods to the poor; and if I have taken
anything from anyone by false accusation, I restore fourfold.”
The man simply stopped cheating others, signed away half of
his possessions, and made a contract with Heaven to restore
what he had previously stolen. “I robbed you of a hundred dollars;
here’s four hundred back”—that’s God at work in one of
His special treasures.
God has placed His fingerprint in the people around us,
and we need to speak to that spiritual treasure. In John 1, the
disciple Philip brought his brother, Nathanael, to meet Jesus.
Nathanael, at first, was skeptical: “Can anything good come out
of Nazareth?” he asked. But when he finally met Jesus, the Lord
spoke to the treasure in him: “Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom
is no deceit,” Jesus said, noting that He had prophetically seen
Nathanael sitting under a fig tree earlier that day. “Rabbi, You are
the Son of God! You are the King of Israel,” exclaimed Nathanael,
who left everything behind and became a disciple. Jesus had
spotted the treasure—that piece of God’s Spirit that had been
deposited in Nathanael’s life—and spoken to it. Nathanael, in
turn, became a pillar of the early Church.


Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus spoke to the trea­sure God had deposited in people. He even blessed the spiritual treasure that the person themselves did not realize they had.   Graham says this so beautifully and as I have been reflecting on the truth of this statement, I am reminded that it resounds through the whole of the gospels.  Jesus himself prays in John 17, “not for the world but for those you (Father) have given me”… his treasures.  This is a view of Deity and Righteousness.  But it is not for all, sadly because there will be those who will turn away and not believe in Jesus.  Perhaps, that is why Jesus sought out God’s treasure because it was a prize of Great Price… it would cost Him (Jesus) His Life to Redeem for His Father and His Kingdom.

This is showing us how to  apply God’s perspective of looking at the “treasure” within a person first  and allowing the Holy Spirit to show you who this person is in God’s eyes.  Perhaps, it’s like when the sun is shining through the back of a leaf it shows the details of the leaf. In like manner, so does the transparency of the truth of the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts. We are given that same “Light” to see beyond the imperfections or obvious differences and to the true beauty and light that He sees that person in.  It is not easy but I take this on daily ( yes, some days are clearer than other days) but in those times of weakness, the Holy Spirit is faithfully guiding and teaching me in those areas that need repentance and change.  He is illuminating the treasure, so I have a better understanding.


1 thought on “The Language of Promise by Graham Cooke ~ Week 7”

  1. I do find some interesting things here. Jesus did say he would not break a bruised Reed or extinguish a smoldering candle. Jesus also called the Pharisees a generation of vipers. There is a great focus in this teaching but a little balance would be refreshing. Be blessed. No finger pointing here!

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