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The Language of Promise by Graham Cooke ~ Study Week 12


Christmas_17 2014


If we were really sensible, we would be out there, blessing
up a storm, because every blessing we give someone returns
to us. I write, on average, twenty cards a week. I should have
bought shares in Hallmark. I’ll sit and think about people and
ask the Lord to tell me something about them. God then shows
me something precious and I write. Sometimes, it’s just a few
sentences: “I was thinking about you today and this is what the
Lord told me about you. Just thought you might want to know.”
I do this, and it seems to return to me tenfold. I remember
being at home one day when Carole, my personal assistant,
called to ask how I was doing.
“Really good,” I answered.
She laughed and said, “Well, Graham, we’ve got thirty-five
cards in the office for you. Are you sure you’re not struggling
with anything?”
“Actually, yes, I am struggling with something,” I sighed.
“I’ve been praying for it but I don’t know how I feel about it.
I’m on the edge of it: I still feel good about myself, but something’s
up.” I went to the office and read the thirty-five cards,
and twenty-seven of them spoke encouragement in the very
issue I was facing.
You can’t sow potatoes and reap rhubarb. To be blessed and
encouraged, we must bless and encourage others.


“If we were really sensible, we would be out there, blessing up a storm, because every blessing we give someone returns to us.”  My Comment: This might be one of my favorite sections of this study.  I know it has been a touch point for many, many years in my heart.  It goes along with the so many of principles of the Gospel.  I know personally, I am encouraged by a spoken word of a close friend, family or even a stranger the Lord brings into my path at just the right moment.  One example happened not too long ago in a coffee shop.  This gentleman spoke a simple courtesy to me but to my heart…it was a drop of gold from heaven.  We never know sometimes when God is going to use us but it is sooo important for us to be available to give a word of encouragement to others.  Let our voice be one that reflects the hope in Jesus and filled with the praise of our loving Savior.  It could be the one thing that person needed to hear to connect back to God in the moment.

“To be blessed and encouraged, we must bless and encourage others.”   My Comment: It matters to God that the power of His blessing rest on our life.  He desires his word to return His good pleasure and that can only happen when we take it into our heart and apply it.  He wants us to share our blessings with others so they will come to the fullness of His promises also.  In his word, he tells us to encourage one another: [Hebrews 10:24] …” and let us consider [thoughtfully] how we may encourage one another to love and to do good deeds,…”

It doesn’t have to be big things all the time either, in fact I think the small acts are just as important and meaningful.


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