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The Language of Promise by Graham Cooke ~Conclusion

Graham Cooke


The sad truth about many longtime Christians is that they
have never understood the magnitude of God’s love. Some have
served Him for decades and not known His passion for them.
But I believe that He is going to make up for that lost time. We
need to receive this love with child-like simplicity, not over analyzing
it or trying to strive for it.
God is going to come to us in this next season of time and
His love will almost be beyond our capacity to bear. It will be
the stuff of dreams, an unimaginable, monumental, incredible,
astonishing, marvelous, outrageous love. This language will
change the way you think about everything. God’s dream for
us is that we would be immersed in the majesty of everything
He feels for us.
His love will overwhelm us, leading us past logic, reason,
intellect, and into a place where our hearts will be touched as
they have never been touched before. This is a season of wonder
for us, and we will have to learn to live like a much-loved child.
Our journey now is to cultivate an expectancy for—and
interpret everything in—the love of God. God wants to root
and ground us in His love so deeply that we live there for the
rest of our days. This love will cause us to grow to be the men
and women God most wants us to be.
It’s exciting to think of how radically this love will change
our lives. We will experience the breadth, length, height, and
depth of God’s love for us. His language will wash over us, again
and again.
Love God and love our neighbor: it is our destiny and our


My Comment: Graham’s conclusion is profound.  It is encapsulated for me beautifully in his closing statements.  I agree that we need a “new season” were it is God who comes to us with wonder to fill our hearts… in the same manner as He gave Jesus to the world on that glorious night back in Bethlehem so many centuries ago.  His promises will bring the expectancy to fruition , as it was in the old testament- where the promise of a Messiah was given and when Jesus was born ~ so it fulfilled the scriptures.  

We need to receive this love with child-like simplicity, not overana­lyzing it or trying to strive for it.

I will hold fast the grace of God’s word and nothing else will be cultivated in my life testimony.  I will celebrate each day because I am assured through these promises that Christ Jesus is the keeper of my soul and by Him all things remain sure and true.  This is our season of wonder-filled hope, peace and love.  In His JOY be BLESSED.

Revelation 22:

vs 20 He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.”

Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.


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