God Gives Divine Providence

Knit together in love 10.18.15God Gives…

The favor of the Lord is the promise of His divine providence in our life. Our internal stress does not have to dictate how our day will turn out. Say to your soul man…”Bless the Lord, Oh my soul and all that is within me.” Take your fears and insecurities to the Lord. Read the bible and study the scriptures. When Jesus calls you to service, do not worry about what people will think, the persecution that will follow or even what you will say (teach/preach).

Divine Providence

We need to examine our hearts day and night before the Lord. Don’t let your negative thoughts talk you into disobeying the will of God for your life. Instead trust in Jesus and he will make the way where it seems impossible or to hard for you. Open your spirit to the miraculous and be anxious about nothing. He has a work that only you can do. Embrace His design and purpose by believing in His Grace, today!

-Jonah 2:6 and Exodus 4:12, Matthew 10:20 and Philippians 4:6